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I won’t do full recaps of spring games because I don’t care. Final was 9-8, as the Braves started out up 8-0 but almost blew it. Then again, who cares? Blaine Boyer, maybe, who allowed five of the eight runs. Tom Martin allowed two in 2/3 of an inning. Buddy Hernandez, who is roughly fifteen times the pitcher Martin is but the Braves don’t respect, went two innings and was credited with the win. Hampton started and had two perfect innings. Someone named Chris Mears got the save in a rain-shortened game. I assume they could have finished it, but then again, who…

Jordan was 2-2 with a homer, Langerhans pinch-hit and got a hit. Andy Marte was 2-4, playing third base, Kelly Johnson was 0-3.

So far as I bother talking about spring games, the focus will be on Jordan v. Langerhans and on the relievers, because that’s basically all we’re here for. Maybe Martin can pitch badly enough that the Braves will eat his contract.