Braves down Dodgers in rainy Vero

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I won’t do full recaps of spring games because I don’t care. Final was 9-8, as the Braves started out up 8-0 but almost blew it. Then again, who cares? Blaine Boyer, maybe, who allowed five of the eight runs. Tom Martin allowed two in 2/3 of an inning. Buddy Hernandez, who is roughly fifteen times the pitcher Martin is but the Braves don’t respect, went two innings and was credited with the win. Hampton started and had two perfect innings. Someone named Chris Mears got the save in a rain-shortened game. I assume they could have finished it, but then again, who…

Jordan was 2-2 with a homer, Langerhans pinch-hit and got a hit. Andy Marte was 2-4, playing third base, Kelly Johnson was 0-3.

So far as I bother talking about spring games, the focus will be on Jordan v. Langerhans and on the relievers, because that’s basically all we’re here for. Maybe Martin can pitch badly enough that the Braves will eat his contract.

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  1. and also a little bit about the *new and improved* Andruw every now and then would be good…

  2. Weaver says he had trouble with his offspeed stuff up in the zone. Jordan hits a homerun off Weaver. Not that I know what pitch Jordan hit, but it’s hard to get excited about his homer when all it may show is that Jordan can handle an offspeed hanger up in the zone.

  3. Even better — today’s game is being shown for free on for those away from their sets.

  4. Slightly off topic but does anyone know which games (if any) will be broadcast on the Braves radio network (or at least on the flagship AM640)? I have been searching for a spring training radio schedule and I can’t find one anywhere.

  5. …or at least on the flagship AM640)

    FYI the flagship has changed. I believe the Atlanta station carrying the games will be 96.1 FM. I don’t know how that impacts what other stations are affiliates.

  6. Apparently, Hampton was great in his two-inning performace. Hampton and Thomson, not to mention Smoltz, simply must have good years for the Braves to succeed. The lineup and the bullpen are weaker this year, but I anticipate all three pitchers having stellar seasons.

    Also, I think Andruw and Mondesi are carrying themselves with a visible swagger. I think both of these hitters are poised for great seasons as well.

  7. Speaking of radio. Have they announced how they are running the booth? Is Princess errr Chip going to work with Skip and Simpson? I hope they dont change the Sutton-Van Weiren team, they are the only tolerable aspect of the braves baseball coverage.

    Princess joining the booth is a nightmare. The guy is awful.

  8. bamadan, AM640 and FM96.1 are owned by the same company (ClearChannel). The AM station is primarily a sports radio station so it will most likely carry the majority of the games FM96.1 is a rock music station so I’m not sure how many they will carry (although there are billboards in Atlanta advertising each carrying the Braves). The old flagship was AM750.

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