Atlanta 3, NY Mets 0 – MLB – Recap – Braves at Mets

Tim Hudson looked great in his first game back. He threw six innings, didn’t walk anyone, struck out one, got a couple of double plays, allowed four singles and a double, and obviously no runs. He only really got into trouble with two out in the sixth. He’d only thrown 62 pitches, but then he hadn’t thrown a pitch in anger for awhile, so it’s not surprising he tired. He also doubled once in three trips to the plate and scored the game’s first run.

He was driven in by Kelly Johnson, who had been slumping. Today, he singled in Hudson with two out in the third, and singled in Orr for the game’s third run in the ninth. Furcal didn’t score, but had two hits and a walk, Andruw walked twice and scored, Langerhans driving him in with a double (one of his two hits). The Braves left ten men on base, which is awful.

Brower pitched a perfect seventh, Kolb a perfect eighth. Reitsma allowed a two-out hit but got the save on the next batter. All the Braves’ pitchers were getting groundouts.

The Natspos are winning late. Tomorrow’s game will be on TBS, Hampton versus Pedro, and I don’t know why Pedro was held out so long. Anyway, either Colon or Davies is expected to go down, though it might be Boyer instead. Sosa apparently is the fifth starter, or at least has been announced as Monday’s starter.

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  1. Hudson today, Hampton tomorrow, and Chipper on Monday. The Yankees wish they can make acquisition like these!

    Seriously, now that Furcal is returning to his normal self, it is like acquiring four all-stars at the same time. We are ready to roll, just like what Frank Robinson said, I don’t care about what other teams are doing.

  2. I’m getting more than a little sick of this no TBS crap.

    The first game back from the ASB is on TBS…and then not another game until Monday…and then not another game until Saturday.

    I’d feel better if I knew that they were saving their allotment of 90 games for the truly crucial contests, but

    a. They’re showing less than 80 games this season, and

    b. The last three games of the season, against bitter rival the Marlins, ARE NOT TELEVISED. Not a single one.

  3. shows those games as playing on Turner South.

    Everyone knows after the Nats fade, the Braves will have the division clinched by mid September, so no one will want to watch the Marlins series.

    I mean, who wants to see a bunch of guys from Mississippi and Richmond play major league … hey, wait a second.

  4. No, not getting ten men on base is awful. Leaving ten men on base is just disappointing.

  5. I think TBS’ philosophy the last two years has been to get their 90-game allotment out of the way as quickly as possible so they can load up on Sex and the City/Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs and Big 12 football the rest of the year.

  6. Attention all: I believe I have set a new record by completing the 672-page Harry Potter book in 4 hours. Unfortunately, I missed the entire Braves game. But it was well worth it.

    The game is on TBS on Monday, isn’t it? Yes, I just checked. TBS on 7/23 (D-backs), 7/28 (Nats, but will be blacked out for MASN where I live :-/), 7/30, 7/31 (TBS Xtra).

  7. Yes, embrace the Kolb! OK, that image is much too creepy. But still, come on in folks, the water’s fine (for now).

    Of course, I did think he’d jump right into the closer’s role as soon as they were confident. But it appears that Reitsma maybe does have a lock on it. I picked tomorrow in the “next Kolb save” pool. Of course, being the only participant, I think I still have a shot at winning.

  8. The TBS issue reminds of a game last season when it was deep in extra innings, the Braves had the bases loaded with 2 outs, and the usher came to tell us he would eject us from the stadium if we did not remain seated because a bunch of cubs fans behind us complained. my buddy’s response is fitting to many of the Braves policies of late, “Ted Turner would be so pissed at you!”.

  9. The avg major league team scores just over 1/3 of their baserunners. We can occasionally make do with 3 of 13.

  10. I may be close to getting the MLB package for next year. The lack of TBS coverage this year for those of us in other parts of the country, at this point, is appalling.

    I am still flabberghasted that the recent Greg Maddux back in Atlanta and Glavine vs. Smoltz starts were NOT televised. I am more disgusted then flabberghasted.

    When you see scenarios like that, it reeks that t.BS (yes, bullshit) at this point could care less about the Braves and it costs less, as was stated, to air the endless Raymond re-runs. Just sucks.

  11. Alex,Sounds like their plan is working. Disgusting is the appropriate word, but what can you do when you have no say in the matter? I’ve been tempted at times to set up a webcam feed of my tv for all of you non-TS getting folks to watch, but I *really* don’t want to get a nasty c-a-d letter from MLB. And it would look like crap anyway. I’m resigned to the fact that I’m gonna have to pony up for the MLB package once I move from the Athens area. The Braves are the only reason I have cable (and I still can’t get the FSN games), so I’ll probably save money over the long haul.Ted Turner is rolling in his… uh… pile of money. Between the Braves and CNN he is really high on my list of opportunistic chumps who ruin what they helped to build.

  12. For you guys getting mad about Glavine vs. Smoltz not being on TBS, keep in mind that these networks select the games they will air BEFORE the season even starts.

    Also, Ted Turner is no longer involved in the day to day operations of Time Warner and all its subsidiaries (i.e. the Braves) as far as I know. I’m sure he makes money off of the Braves, but it’s not his decision to make anymore.

  13. jenny, where are your priorities? :P
    Although I love my Indiana home, I’m in limbo for Braves televised games. The MLB Direct TV package reserves the right to blackout local area games. So, in Indianapolis, we’re considered local for Cubs, Reds, and strangely, Tigers games.
    Fortunately, WGN carries many more Cubs games than TotalBS does Braves games. Also, we get the Cincinnati Fox Sports channel, so I pick up a few games there.
    I lived in Georgia for two years, so a move back isn’t out of the question.

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