– MLB – Recap – Braves at Mets

Tim Hudson looked great in his first game back. He threw six innings, didn’t walk anyone, struck out one, got a couple of double plays, allowed four singles and a double, and obviously no runs. He only really got into trouble with two out in the sixth. He’d only thrown 62 pitches, but then he hadn’t thrown a pitch in anger for awhile, so it’s not surprising he tired. He also doubled once in three trips to the plate and scored the game’s first run.

He was driven in by Kelly Johnson, who had been slumping. Today, he singled in Hudson with two out in the third, and singled in Orr for the game’s third run in the ninth. Furcal didn’t score, but had two hits and a walk, Andruw walked twice and scored, Langerhans driving him in with a double (one of his two hits). The Braves left ten men on base, which is awful.

Brower pitched a perfect seventh, Kolb a perfect eighth. Reitsma allowed a two-out hit but got the save on the next batter. All the Braves’ pitchers were getting groundouts.

The Natspos are winning late. Tomorrow’s game will be on TBS, Hampton versus Pedro, and I don’t know why Pedro was held out so long. Anyway, either Colon or Davies is expected to go down, though it might be Boyer instead. Sosa apparently is the fifth starter, or at least has been announced as Monday’s starter.