Early Game Thread: Braves at Mets, July 17

I’m basically useless before noon on Sundays. The game will be on Turner South, it seems. I know, ESPN was wrong! Maybe they’re out for revenge on me.

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  1. I’ll be there. Good seats, I think. I’ll liveblog here if there’s anything worth saying… or asking

  2. This is from Yahoo Sports:

    Braves pitcher Kyle Davies has shown signs of excellent pitching in his 11 starts this season. That being said, the team needs a roster spot when Mike Hampton is activated on Sunday, and Davies is the likely candidate to be sent to Triple-A Richmond.

    I had thought they would keep Davies as their 5th starter, a role he is likely to fill next year anyway … and move Sosa back to the bullpen … and send someone else out. But it may be a matter of options. I’m not that up on the option issue.

  3. Ultimately, two will have to go out. Whether he has an option or not (and I don’t know), I imagine they want Sosa to stay up. And he may as well keep starting because I think they see him there eventually anyway. So Davies makes sense. Then I guess it’s between Boyer and Colon… with my guess being Colon heading back to Richmond. Davies can use the work, so can Colon, and Sosa is pretty much at “make or break” time.

  4. Well, the timing of sending Marte down surprised me (though it makes sense now that I think about it), so I’ll be interested in the decision. I’m also wondering if a trade is a possibility. Not Davis, but perhaps Colon or Sosa for some prospects from some team that is really hurting for a starter and willing to take a chance.

  5. bipolarbaer, I think the most likely outcome will be staying put. We have too many capable players at the moment that we don’t need anymore prospects. At the same time, our payroll is not flexible enough to make any acquisition at the major league level (not that I think we need to anyway). I believe the Braves will let Davies and Colon getting their regular innings under a less stressful environment to develop their pitches. Neither Davies nor Colon spent much time at Richmond whereas Sosa is already in his third years of service at the major league. Therefore, the moves make perfect sense both from the current situation and players development perspectives.

  6. I think when Thomson comes back, Sosa will be moving back to the bullpen and Boyer will be back to the minor league.

  7. I do hope the Braves do not trade right now, unless they can get some real prospects for someone. But JS always has surprises, so he always keeps it interesting. (not even for a “closer”)

  8. Finally heard Larry Bowa say something intelligent last night…this is not word for word, but it went something like this… ” Shame on you, teams of the NL East, for letting the Braves hang around, with all the injuries they have had. Now Chipper, Hudson and Hampton are back, look out NL East, here come the Braves”…..damn straight Mr Bowa!!!!

  9. I am very glad to learn that they send Davies down. Not that I don’t like Davies (I like him a lot actually), but I think he has been overworked in the first half already. For the sake of his long-term health and development, I think sending Davies down to Richmond and letting him pitches six innings per outing will do him absolutely no harm.

  10. No one has said anything about moving Estrada in the winter. He is a good catcher and I think we might get a goo player or two in return. i think McCann is ready. He looks great out there.

  11. Excellent seats. Weather somewhat threatening and the tarp is still on the field, but it looks like clearer weather to the west coming this way

  12. I’ll comment on Estrada. I too, think that he may be moved in the offseason. The critical area for the Braves this offseason will be Shortstop. No one in the organization appears to be ready to take over full time for Furcal when he leaves. This will mean either a trade, or the use of a stopgap player until someone develops, or a trade can be made. Estrada would be probably the most “expendable” (because of the depth in the system, not because he isn’t good) regular player on the roster to “give up” in order to obtain shortstop help.

  13. The problem with the shortstop market is there isn’t really anyone like Furcal available. There are the power-hitting shortstops (Tejeda, Jeter) and then there are guys the Braves wouldn’t want. The closest things to Furcal that we could use would be Eckstein, Renteria, and Cabrera, but they’re all locked up. Who would there be to replace him?

  14. That is what I see also, concerning the shortstop problem. But, does anyone know who may be available in the high minors that could come in and do the job … from another farm system? That could be the key. If not, JS will have some had deciding to do. On the flip side, I repeat that I think most of the big spending teams are pretty much set at shortstop. BTW, only Furcal, Nomar, and Alex Gonzalez are free agents of note at ss next year (as I understand it).

  15. Anyone think nomar would be worth a gamble for something like a 4 or 5 million, one year deal? I’m not sure myself, but we are talking about a former batting champ. I don’t think he will ever put up anything like his 2000 campaign (.372/.434/.599), but he would probably be good for a 300 average and 850ish OPS. Thoughts?

  16. The top SS options are Betemit and Tony Pena Jr. I don’t really trust Betemit, but I trust him a lot more than TP Jr. Luis Hernandez has a .600 OPS in AA, so he’s not exactly ready.

  17. I think Nomar will resign with the Cubs if they want him. The Braves options, Betemit, Pena and Hernandez are questionable. I’m thinking there may be a good prospect in an organization that needs a catcher.

  18. I think Betemit is the best option. I’m more than a little afraid that they’ll go after some vet in the mold of Rey Sanchez and that Bobby will then Lockhart him. Maybe a trade for a serviceable backup/insurance guy like Alex Cora is a possibility (I think he’s on a two year deal). I can’t think of many shortstops that would be available that are either good major leaguers or young guys ready to play. But I would probably not be aware of a lot of young guys ready to play. I’m sure the Cubs would pay Nomar as much as the Braves would. And I don’t think the Braves are in the market for Gonzalez… heck, if they are then they ought to be in the market for Furcal.

  19. I don’t see Gonzalez as an option. I, too, think Furcal is gone. And I really think Atlanta will start with Betemit as their SS next year. I’m just not sure this is a long term answer. Another possibility is trading for one or perhaps two good SS prospects and holding your breath for a year or two until they develop (Hey … doesn’t Andruw ????? … Nah).

  20. Hampton looks horrible. It’s not just bad luck, either. He’s really pitching badly.

    They should bring out Colon. Stop the bleeding.

  21. it probably also wasn’t a good idea to have the first real pitching chipper’s seen in over a month be pedro

  22. this looks likes Colon’s last chance to stay on the roster. I wonder if MLB life for 2 months has convinced Ramon that being a MLB reliever is favorable to starting in the minors. Unless he finds himself capable of coming out of the pen, he’ll be back on the buses soon. Even if he outpitches hampton all season.

  23. If he’s going to pitch like this all the time I hope he is hurt again so we can get somebody better. Yuck. Glad I’m not watching. Why can’t we see Steve Trachsel or something? He’s always fun. Why is it Pedro?

  24. All right, I’m going to do something else, I’ll come check Gameday later and hope for a miracle.

  25. I just caught the game(luckily). Is Hampton still hurt?(did those of us with Turner South hear anything? Or just pitching really badly?

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