Game postponed

No surprise. They’ve apparently announced a doubleheader for tomorrow but I wouldn’t count on that either. Maybe they’ll make it up the Wednesday after the break. The next day off (after the break) the two teams share is Aug. 25, the day after they finish the return series at Wrigley. Both are also off Sept. 19.

7 thoughts on “Game postponed”

  1. Boy, it sure would be nice to have real baseball that day… easily the worst day of the season. I don’t remember anything like hat happening before, but I guess there’s something like a 95% chance that I wouldn’t anyway.

  2. Holy crap, it’s Jeff Francoeur!

    At least according to an unsourced rotoworld report.

  3. Why did the Braves change Smoltz’s start to the night game tomorrow? Do they think it may not be played or would they prefer not to match him a/g Prior? Whatever the case, I’m sure people that bought tickets for Wednesday’s game hoping to see Smoltz vs Prior will be disappointed.

  4. In general, teams prefer not to match their ace against the other team’s ace for the obvious reason that he could pitch a good game and still lose. They wouldn’t move Smoltz’s day just to avoid Prior, but since there are two games today, it makes sense. The idea is that you sacrifice a lesser pitcher to the other team’s ace. I’m sure if the Braves didn’t move Smoltz, the Cubs would have moved Prior.

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