– MLB – Box Score – Reds at Braves

Tim Hudson wasn’t sharp, but Bobby didn’t use the firm of Kolb & Brower when he went to the bullpen, so this time the Braves didn’t give up a big lead.

This time, it was 7-0 after four. Chipper hit a solo homer in the first, and Hudson kept pitching around hits to keep it 1-0. In the fourth, the Braves broke through for six runs, the big blow being Hudson’s triple to score two when Griffey tried another one of those sliding catches he can’t make and which half the time wind up with him needing limb reattachment surgery. Andruw and Langerhans had doubles in the inning.

But in the fifth, Hudson gave back three of the runs, allowing a three-run homer by Kearns (who wore him out, going 3-4 only because Marcus made a spectacular catch of a soft liner over his shoulder) and then allowing a double before getting out of it. After Griffey hit a solo homer with one out in the seventh, Bobby went to the pen — but this time, it was Foster. Foster struck out both men he faced.

For some reason, Reitsma is the setup man. I don’t get it. Anyway, he got an out, then allowed a single, then a forceout. But Langerhans misplayed a liner into a double, second and third, two out, and Farnsworth came in to get the last out. He walked Griffey on four pitches in the ninth but Langerhans this time made a great play on a line drive to save a double and end the game.

Chipper had a double and a walk to go with his homer. Julio had a couple of hits… Hudson struck out seven and didn’t walk any, so that’s a plus. The homers, not so much, or the 12 hits.

The Phillies beat the Natspos and the Marlins beat the Mets. Forget about the teams that lost; now eight and seven and a half games out respectively they’re pretty much out of the division race. Luke Hudson is scheduled against Sosa tomorrow night. Sosa’s on short rest and isn’t a workhorse anyway, so the bullpen is likely to come into play again. Speaking of bullpens, the Braves have gotten into the opponents’ bullpen early all week and Andruw’s homer is all they have to show for it. I don’t like it at all.