Baseball Prospectus | Fantasy | HACKING MASS 2004

I finished 138th out of 1312, so just barely missed my goal of being in the top ten percent. I blame two players: Ty Wigginton, for being almost decent until traded to the Pirates, and Adam Bernero, for being so bad that even the Rockies couldn’t use him. The real secret to this game is finding two pitchers who will be horrible but whose teams are stupid or desperate enough to leave in anyway. That’s 200 points right there.

Team MVP, Shawn Estes (also an All-Star and the most popular pitcher). But I’m proud of my Tike Redman pick.

It’s a silly game, of course, but it does illustrate one reason why the Braves were so good this season: they didn’t have any major drags on the lineup. The highest-ranking Brave was Mark DeRosa, 50th, and I think the only one in the top 200.