9 thoughts on “Julio!”

  1. Obviously Mr. Hancock didn’t feel the need to read the scouting report on the old man. Nice belt-high fastball middle away.

  2. Looks like Larry Bowa’s having fun. Not great baserunning by Furcal on that Drew single, but he got lucky.

  3. Who wants to write the Larry Bowa obit for his impending spontaneous combustion?

  4. “Larry Bowa, who won two gold gloves at shortstop despite having the range of the common sloth, and who was repeatedly retained as Phillies manager despite the personal skills of the common Microsoft programmer, died today when his head exploded. He was 58.”

  5. Very nice.

    (BTW, my apologies for forgetting to properly sign in to make that last comment.)

  6. Is it raining or does Hancock sweat so much that it’s dripping off his cap?

    Yeah, I’d like to see a Sweat-Off between Hancock, Kevin Millwood and Gary Williams.

  7. Looks like Johnny Bravo strikes again! He and Julio are looking like a two-man Philly wrecking crew tonight.

    Yes Phillies fans, it was too good a deal to be true. And to think, I was as outraged as everyone else.

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