What an odd day. The Braves trailed 7-0 heading into the seventh, and 7-1 in the eighth. And then they put together an unlikely seven-run eighth to take the lead, and with one out and a runner on third in the bottom of the ninth Smoltz struck out Javy (that just seems weird) and then got a groundout to end it.

The Braves couldn’t do anything with Matt Riley, predictably, even with his ERA coming in at well over eight. And Jaret Wright, who had been the Braves’ most consistently good starter coming in, couldn’t get out of the sixth (though he wasn’t getting a lot of defensive support). But they smacked around the middle relief but good. The key play was probably when Mike Hessman actually managed to hit the ball — almost all the way to the pitcher! — but the pitcher threw the ball away. And the Braves scored five more runs in the inning and finally got a series win. The big blows in the inning were a two-run shot by Drew and a two-run double by Green, who eventually scored the winning run.

As has been noted in comments, the White Sox traded for Freddy Garcia yesterday. That doesn’t necessarily kill an Ortiz trade, because none of the players involved was supposedly involved in the deal with the Braves. It certainly doesn’t kill the possibility of Andruw for Magglio.

The Braves, amazingly, are still only 4 1/2 out, and now host the Marlins for four.