2 thoughts on “Trader Jack Returns”

  1. I thought the reason Torborg kept getting hired was to keep him out of the TV booth. Any guesses which one he’ll be in next April?

  2. Hard to figure who’s got more comprising pictures of owners and GMs … Torborg or Bob Boone.

    Speaking of McKeon, the way he got screwed in Cincinnati was the same thing the Reds have been doing for years. They fire Piniella to bring in Tony Perez and the team goes in the toilet. They fire Davey Johnson (or run him off, I forget which) to bring in Ray Knight and go in the toilet. Then they fire McKeon to bring in Bob Boone and go in the toilet.

    So that’s three straight times they’ve fired winning managers in favor of rah-rah type guys with questionable managing credentials who played in the 1970s. I suppose Hal McRae and Tony Muser (or, yikes!…Pete Rose) are just a phone call away…

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