– MLB – Recap – Braves at Red Sox

Kyle Davies was superb in his first Major League start. The Braves’ bullpen? Not so much. Davies went five (needing 95 pitches, 57 of them strikes — not unusual against this lineup) struck out six, walked three and allowed four hits, all singles, no runs. You can’t ask for much more from a rookie, especially one who was in A-ball this time last year.

The bullpen needed to make it interesting, though. Jorge Sosa came up first and gave up two runs on two hits and a walk. Then Roman Colon, who is actually still on the team, allowed one run on a pair of hits. Adam Bernero was good, allowing one hit that really should have been an out except that Furcal tried to play the hop off of his groin. Then Reitsma, who is officially in a slump, no excuses, allowed two runs on two hits and a walk. He was getting slammed, none of this nibbling singles thing. Right now, the only relievers I have any confidence in are Foster and Bernero, and I’m not sure why Foster wasn’t getting ready in the ninth.

The weather was pretty nasty and neither team was too good in the field. Furcal was 0-4 with a walk, but reached three times on errors. (I never did get a convincing answer either way on if fast guys reach on errors more often.) And Marcus went 3-5 with a pair of doubles, scoring twice. Chipper had two hits and a walk, drove one in and scored one. Andruw was the only Brave in the lineup not to reach base, going 0-5 with four strikeouts, which serves as final proof that he’s totally useless and should be taken out and shot. Even Mondesi had a hit.

The Marlins won again, but at least the Devil Rays are trying. (I’m looking at you, Houston.) Tomorrow’s game, the final of this road trip that seemingly started during the Clinton Administration, sees Smoltz against Matt Clement.