A tough start for Kyle

Braves’ Hampton won’t pitch Saturday

ESPN has Davies as the starter for Saturday’s game in Boston. Hey, kid, welcome to the Major Leagues! We’ll start you off easy, pitching to the World Champs in Fenway Park! I’d like to you meet Manny and Papi! Anyway, there hasn’t been a formal announcement and I don’t know that Davies will even be ready to go.

The Braves will have to send someone down, of course. Assuming they don’t go completely stupid and go with thirteen pitchers (Pete Orr is the only position player with an option left) that means either Colon or Childers will be sent down after Friday’s game. Putting Kolb on the DL with “inability to pitch” like they did Wohlers when he lost it is too much to ask for.

10 thoughts on “A tough start for Kyle”

  1. I would assume then that Eddie would go on the DL. I don’t like this for Davies, but I would look forward to seeing him pitch.

  2. Link fixed.

    Good news on Pena. He’s obviously not really a .400 hitter (up to .417 now!) but I think he can play, and he’ll be better than Perez. Someone will have to go the 60-day DL then, or go through waivers, because he’s not on the 40-man roster. I discussed Pena here. Briefly, a backup catcher who hits .300 is a lot more valuable than the Eddie Perezes and Paul Bakos of the world.

  3. This is a bad idea. I feel like we’re throwing a young kid to the wolves. A guy’s first major league start should not be against the Boston Red Sox in a park where balls can fly out like it’s Little League! He’ll have to face Manny Ramirez in the first inning of his career! I know we’re desperate, but this is not good.

  4. I think putting Kolbb on waivers would be a good option. If someone picks him up, good, if no one does, then he can work things out in Richmond.

    It also would not be a bad idea to Childers on the DL if you had to.

  5. Kids gotta grow sometime. After all, he’s a professional and should be able to handle the pressure (hear the sarcasim?) just like Dan Kolb.

  6. No one would take him off waivers…well, maybe the Cubs would, they’re kinda desperate…and why would you wish that on Richmond? He should be a clubhouse attendant. Either that or Smoltzie’s personal slave.

  7. Guys, I am totally away of everything Kolb has done. The losses, the blown saves, the quotes, the abusing of water coolers, the alliances with communists, but man, we’re really letting him have it around here. I want him gone, but jeez, I kinda feel sorry for him right now.

  8. They should let Kolb start the game against Boston, and leave him in until he throws out his elbow.

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