Dear Russ…

Don’t throw any more strikes to Bonds!!!!!!

I apologize if this seems ambiguous.

Actually, you probably won’t have another chance tonight. But for future reference.

6 thoughts on “Dear Russ…”

  1. Geez, he can’t throw strikes to anyone else, and the guy he’s not supposed to throw strikes to gets two right down the middle? Just do what you do best Russ, for heaven’s sake!

  2. Oh, and Mac, could you please try to be a little more specific when making a point in the future? :)

  3. Sometimes I question Bobby Cox’s sanity. Gryboski, with the bases loaded and two outs??? Puhleeeeze!!

  4. To be fair, we can’t complain about Gryboski. He induced a weak grounder to 3rd from Feliz that Chipper was playing too far back to get, and then another grounder (though sharply hit) from Bonds that Furcal has a shot at. He certainly did a better job with Bonds than Ortiz did.

    Andruw looks really, really lost right now. Everything he hits is a grounder between 3rd and short; some are easy enough to field, some aren’t. It’s probably Pendleton’s voodoo messing with his head.

  5. The braves need andruw to come through more.. chipper, furcal and jonhy arent gonna stay hot forever..

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