– MLB – Recap – Braves at Mets

The Braves finally got some runs for John Smoltz, and managed to build a big enough lead that Dan Kolb wasn’t quite able to blow it before Bobby could get him out of the game. Jordan and Estrada’s back-to-back doubles in the first scored three runs, and Estrada drove in another run in the third. The Braves wound up with seven hits, all against Pedro, and two walks. Orr started the game at third base, hitting second, and scored the game’s first run. LaRoche scored twice.

Smoltz wasn’t maybe as blistering as he was in his last outing against the Mets, striking out but four, but was more than effective enough, limiting them to one run in 6 2/3 innings. The Mets got ten baserunners — seven hits and three walks — but he kept it in the park.

Reitsma came in with two on in the seventh, and got a fly ball to end it. Then he got them in order in the eighth. Arguably, having thrown but fourteen pitches, he should have stayed in, but Kolb is the Closer™, so he had to come in.

Kolb gave up five hits, got a double play, and left the 4-1 game he inherited with the score 4-3 and two runners on base. John Foster cleaned up his mess, getting Cliff Floyd to pop up. Why is the worst reliever the closer? Is Bobby trying to manage with a degree of difficulty now?

Day game tomorrow, Hampton the ex-Met versus Glavine the ex-Brave. It’s on TBS, which does those of us with jobs a whole lot of good.