Atlanta 11, Philadelphia 1 – MLB – Recap – Phillies at Braves

You know, if this keeps up Turner Field is going to look like Coors Field in next year’s park factors.

The Braves took over the game early, scoring five runs in the first off of Randy Wolf, highlighted by Andruw’s three-run homer. (It was, however, his only hit, and he’s still below the Mendoza Line.) They blew it open with five more in the fifth, when Gavin Floyd — whom they victimized last week in Philadelphia — came on in relief and totally lost the strike zone, walking four and giving up three hits while getting only two outs. One of those walks was of Tim Hudson with the bases loaded; Aaron Fultz later in the inning walked Chipper with the bases loaded, which capped the scoring at 11. So, whatever you think of Dan Kolb, I guess it could be worse. We won’t see Mr. Floyd again for awhile.

Chipper wound up 1-2 with two RBI and two walks. His OBP is a Bondsian .494. Julio, Jordan and Marcus also had two hits, and Julio scored three times.

Tim Hudson wasn’t as sharp as he was his last time out, but you’ll take it. He allowed five hits in six innings, walking three, with only two strikeouts, but the Phillies came down with a bad case of Bravesontheroaditis and couldn’t come up with an extra-base hit or any kind of hits with runners in scoring position. Bernero, Foster, and Colon finished it. Bernero was the most impressive, striking out two without allowing a baserunner. A lot of hit batsmen tonight. Hudson hit Abreu, Wolf hit Jordan, and Foster hit Lofton, who of course always deserves it.

Padilla versus Thomson tomorrow. I promise not to call the Philly pitcher “Jose Padilla” again. The Braves stay one back of the Marlins, tied with the Mets, with the Natspos two back and the Phillies last, three back and the only team in the division below .500.

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  1. Well, I just got back from the game. There was one really loud and obnoxious guy sitting behind me and acting a fool, but other than that it was a beaut. It was pretty cold. I’m not sure how much that affects pitching, but I’m assuming that it could have been part of the reason that Hudson didn’t have his A-game. In any case, it was good enough to silence the Phillies. Furcal & Andruw still have some work to do, but with Giles & LaRoche coming around I think we’ll be just fine.

  2. Foster pitched the eigth. He’s our martin replacement, right? Did MUCH better than martin, in that he got some outs.

  3. I promise not to call the Philly pitcher “Jose Padilla” again.

    Careful, this is a baseball blog, not a politics blog …

    I like the “Bravesontheroaditis” bit. You’re becoming quite the wordsmith, there.

  4. Beware!
    The Braves will be wearing the tomato jerseys on Sunday!
    Need help settling an argument. My friends argue baseball line-ups constantly. Many contend that a team’s best hitter must bat third. Following that, I contend that Chipper Jones has be the most produtive third place hitter during the last ten years. Others argue Bagwell or Bernie Williams. I’m right, aren’t I?

  5. “His OBP is a Bondsian .494.”

    Think of all the different ways the adjective “Bondsian” could be used. For example, cranial growth late in adulthood could be considered Bondsian . . .

  6. Well, at least you didn’t confuse him with Manuel Padilla, Jr., who played Jai on the old Tarzan TV series.

  7. Chipper just has a bruised foot and I’m guessing won’t miss more than a day or two. Though actually, a 15-day DL stint for Chipper, forcing the Braves to call up Marte, could be a good thing. Lowell’s injury two years ago was the best thing that could have happened to the Marlins.

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