– MLB – Recap – Expos at Braves – 04/03/2003

I feel like jumping off a bridge. Anyone with me? You know it’s not your night when Andruw, of all people, plays a fly ball into a three-base error leading to a first inning run. The Braves still haven’t batted with the score tied yet, and haven’t scored in nineteen innings.

The Braves had nine hits, but all were singles. Four of them were by, of all people, Vinny, though at least two of those were of the infield variety. They simply aren’t hitting the ball with any authority. You can’t win with nothing but singles, it just doesn’t work.

If there’s a bright side, it’s that (with the exception of the first inning of the season) the starting pitching has been pretty decent. Russ Ortiz was average last night, not as good as Ramirez the night before. Trey Hodges and Joey Dawley worked three scoreless innings between them.

The Braves host the Marlins tonight. Hopefully the bats will wake up, and hopefully Jason Marquis will have his good stuff.