5 thoughts on “How overpaid is Andruw?”

  1. Just an FYI the game tonight has been postponed. Not like it was a big surprise(rain rain go away come again some other day…), but I just saw it officially. DH tomorrow first game @ 4:35.

  2. This thing estimated Furcal at $1.345m. That’s absurdly low for a guy who’s been the third best SS in the league this season (pre-Nomar).

  3. Thanks for the link, Mac.

    Actually, it’s not a glitch in the calcuator. It’s just that the estimator cannot explain everyting, so you have to keep that in mind when you use it. The calculator is based almost entirely on offense, and while people may knock Furcal’s defense he’s a pretty good defensive player. While I think Furcal is obviously worth more that the estimate here (I mean he makes a lot more through arbitration) the information I get from this is that the league values SS much less than we think they do. I plugged in Larkin’s numbers from when he was Furcal’s age and he gets paid even less.

  4. According to the calculator, Barry Bonds is worth just over $32M this year. Although his counting stats are fantastic, he must be having, SABREmetrically-speaking, the best offensive year in the history of baseball.

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