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Toronto Sun: SPORTS – Braves eye Gross

To be honest, this seems unlikely. When was the last time that the Braves traded for a young position player? And they already have Francoeur supposed to be ready in 2006 and a number of other outfield candidates — though none as good as Gross is supposed to be. No word on who the Braves would give up. Jays fans no doubt will be saying that they’d like to get Andy Marte and a pitching prospect.

If this actually happened — and again, I doubt it — it would give Tim Hudson another Auburn guy to hang out with. They could talk about cows, or their feelings of inadequacy, or whatever Auburn people talk about.

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  1. (Changed my name now that I see all the posts from some interloper Jonathan)

    Prediction, FWIW: the Braves will sign Greg Gross before they sign Gabe Gross. After all, he’s only a little older than Julio.

  2. Anyone have a bpro subscription and can check Lnagerhans and Gross’ mle’s? I bet Langerhans look a little better. Also, I hear Ankiel has been released by the Cards. Now there’s somebody to take a flier on. I am sure someone else will claim him ahead of the Braves, but does anyone doubt he would have at least a 30% chance of becoming a decent pitcher again here? Whether it’s a placebo factor or not, pitchers have to feel a ton of confidence when they come here to work.

  3. Lately, we Auburn folks talk about how nice it is to have an undefeated football team. It’s a conversation that hasn’t been had in the SEC for a while.

  4. Yeah, only Auburn could go undefeated in the SEC and not win the national championship. Twice.

    Langerhans was better than Gross last year, but Gross was better in previous years. They’re the same age.

  5. Wasn’t Gross at one time the QB at Auburn? I really don’t see too much reasoning to get the guy in the first place.

  6. Well, the one time we were on probabtion, and the other was a clear case of West Coast bias, but no matter. I am assuming Mac you are a ‘Bama backer? I heard the reason they quit serving ice water on the bench was that the guy that knew the recipe graduated. But seriously, three straight and four of the last five against ‘Bama makes no National title just a bit easier to bear

  7. Well if the Braves are going after former SEC players, lets get that guy from Colorado that went to Tennessee (Todd Helton) Not only is he a great player, but he could teach the young Braves like Hudson what it is like to be a winner, going back to his football days.

  8. and the other was a clear case of West Coast bias, but no matter.

    This was actually the Cow Country bias that’s running amuck in college football right now. Oklahoma (last two NCs), Texas(04 Rose), and Nebraska(02 Rose) have all ended up in bowl games they didn’t belong in the last few years.

    Rest assured that the schools out here on the West Coast are still getting regularly screwed over.

  9. Moooo. And Go Bucks.

    /in Columbus
    //just got back from a luncheon where Jim Tressel was the speaker. If all of our players make bail, we’re apparently going to be pretty good this year.

  10. Craig,
    Another Braves fan in Columbus OH? Shoot, I thought that I was the only one.

    I thought for Buckeye fans that football season was 24X7X365. How do you have time to follow the Braves?

  11. Yeah, that trade doesn’t really seem necessary and I doubt anything like that would happen.

  12. You know, if stories like this make the press in Toronto, JS has to now be seriously second-guessing doing any talks with Toronto at all. Who wants to work with a bunch of blithering blabber-mouths?

  13. Moving from Langerhans to Gross is essentially a lateral move. If it was Gross replacing Jordan or Mondesi I might be in favor of it, but…

  14. On the Ankiel point, I believe the way the rule works the Braves would have to put him on the major league roster if they claimed him off waivers. Ankiel has said that he has given up pitching and is fully committed to being an outfielder. If anyone claims him they are going to have an ex-pitcher taking up a spot on the major league roster who refuses to pitch.

    Maybe he’ll convert well into part-time outfielder but that will require some playing time, which he isn’t going to get in the majors till he proves himself. For all of these reasons, he should clear waivers and make his way down to the Cardinals minor league system.

  15. Where can I find the starting lineup before the game starts? Is it posted somewhere particular or do you just have to wait till Pete and Skip announce it?

  16. A buddy of mine just called me and said that he just heard on ESPN Radio that Giles has been sent back to Atlanta for an MRI. ESPN saying that he could be out a while. Orr starts tonight. I wonder how Scheurholtz is feeling about the Green trade now.

  17. Jason, 100% correct – I was assuming that for that reason hewould clear waivers and ATL could sign him to a miinor league contract. I’d be willing to bet he’d reconsider pitching in the right environment. He may not be considered a viable reclamation project by the ATL front offfice though, considering the inability to “fix” Wohlers with essentially the same problem.

  18. From what he’s said he seems pretty adament on not reconsidering pitcher, period. It would be stupid to try.

  19. Ankiel did clear waivers but immediately re-signed with the Cards. There’s a suspicion that the whole thing is a bluff — he isn’t that good of a hitter — but nobody called it.

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  21. Auburn people talk about “17-16” and #1 seasons that never were (1993 and 2004). Of course, that’s football talk…

    If the anyone wants Marte, they’re crazy if they don’t offer the Braves two or three top prospects for him. I’m tired of watching the Braves give up 2-3 prospects at a time; one of these days I’d like to see the Braves get 2-3 in return. Then again, we’re the ones with the deep farm system…

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