Braves 2, Marlins 1 (13 innings) – MLB – Recap – Braves at Marlins

That’s more like it. Well, it’s not ideal, but a win’s a win. Chipper had to carry the offense — as he’s likely to have to for much of the season. In the third, trailing 1-0, he singled in Orr (starting at second), and in the thirteenth he hit a solo homer. He finished the game 4-6 but got stranded a lot as Andruw was 1-6 and Mondesi was basically useless, 0-4 with a walk.

Marcus is in Atlanta for an MRI on his leg. If it was really bad, we’d know, but that’s certainly not good. Estrada continues day-to-day. Orr had two hits and a walk, but Eddie Perez was useless as usual, 0-6.

Hampton was in trouble for much of the early going, but the Marlins kept hitting into double plays. Pierre was thrown out at the plate in the first trying to score on a pop fly to Jordan. In the second, the Marlins did get a run but that was on a bases-loaded double play. Twin killings ended the third and the fourth, the latter with runners at the corners. Pierre also popped into a bunt double play in the tenth with a runner on second, none out, and Tom Martin pitching — bunting on Martin is just dumb, because he can’t get you out anyway. And in the thirteenth, Furcal and Orr turned a tough DP that looked more like an infield single at first.

Bernero pitched two innings for the win; all the relievers but Sosa got into the game. Kolb got the save despite having terrible problems finding the strike zone. Bobby for some reason didn’t use any reliever but Bernero to throw more than one inning, which makes even a seven-man pen fairly shallow in a 13-inning game.

Hudson versus Burnett tomorrow night on TBS.

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  1. Looks like Hudson is going to have to go at least 7. 0-6 is not good, but again that throw to nail Encarcion (sp) was great, though I thought he was out on the pick off to first.

  2. I liked the grit that the team showed tonight. It is a different team with both Marcus and Estrada out, it was difficult to see where the offense was going to come from. Hats off to Chipper. For all of the excitement over Andruw’s new batting stance, there wasn’t much to show for it tonight. It’s April, too early to get too excited, but I like that the game seemed to mean something to the team.

  3. Great effort from the Braves tonight. That’s the way the club has to fight to defend our division. Our defense was spectacular, except for Franco’s failed Andruw imitation. The Bullpen was great against a great lineup. Hampton was great against them as well. Perez called a great game with the youngsters. Kolb looked nervous, but I think he going to find control. Chipper finally looks dangerous again at the plate, as does Andruw but he didn’t get the numbers tonight. I like Orr more than Green too. He brings energy, confidence, and smarts to the position. Great recovery tonight from the Braves.

  4. I guess I shouldn’t say that Andruw looks dangerous, but his frustration tonight at his old mistakes (mainly chasing high heat) signalled to me that he’s growing.

  5. Has Kolb always thrown in the mid-90s? I never knew much about him before this year, but he was bringing it at 95 tonight. Not too bad, makes you wonder why he doesn’t get strike outs though.

  6. I was thinking the same thing about Kolb. Maybe the power was causing the control problems, I don’t know. He recovered nicely though.

  7. Kolb looked shaky. Once he walked the first batter I got really nervous. Certainly not the its all but over feeling you got when Smoltz came in.
    Andruw looks like well Andruw. If he is going to have that long awaited breakout season he is going to have to do more than widen his stance.

  8. This game was typical Marlins-Braves fare. There always is a certain intensity when they play (at least when the game isn’t a blowout by the second inning). I look forward to more of this throughout the season.

    The Jordan throw is overrated. Although I try not to listen to the Fox Sports announcing, even they admitted that it was an ill-advised tag play, and that they were probably just testing Jordan’s arm because he had been throwing horribly in ST.

  9. Great game. Eddie might not be a hitter, but give him some credit for the throw. It’S not ALL about numbers. Sometimes you just have to appreciate the game for the game. Having said that, I think the Braves are going to be playing a lot of low-scoring games because I don’t see where they are going to get much offense.

  10. “Has Kolb always thrown in the mid-90s?”
    Yes – I’ve seen him hit 98.

  11. Hey, with Estrada out and Perez behind the plate, who is our 3rd catcher now that we don’t have a Surhoff or Marrero?

  12. Good game last night. Glad to see the pen did the job and that Chipper is playing well. Give Andrew some time to work this out. Why do we have Jordan?

  13. Orr is the emergency catcher? Cool, can anyone confirm a source on that? If that’s true, then it should be clear why he is on the team.

  14. I really enjoyed watching the game last night when I got home from work. I taped the first game, and after watching Smoltz get blown up, I decided I better not tape another one(don’t want to jinx them). It was a great defensive game on both sides, fun to watch. A few thoughts. I think it’s too early to worry about whether Andruw’s going to break out or not. Good to see a nice game from Orr. I am a little concerned about the corner outfielders though. Hopefully Langerhans gets the start against Burnett and shows something. Kolb’s ball really moves. I think he’ll be fine now that he’s got that first appearance out of the way.

  15. Mac, no propos for Orr? Didn’t have a bad night. Couple of hits and some nice glove work.

  16. Sorry Mac, I see that you made mention of his exploits. But probably wasn’t enough to induce a “maybe Orr will turn out alright thought”…for now its enough to be the pride of Ontario I imagine.

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