– MLB – Recap – Mets at Braves – 05/25/2003

Greg Maddux got that good outing, seven three-hit scoreless innings. But he didn’t get a win, because Roberto Hernandez relieved him in the eighth and promptly allowed a homer to tie the game. For this, Hernandez was rewarded with his fourth win because Marcus Giles picked him up with a two-run homer in the eighth. Stupid MLB scoring rules. (How about a rule where if a starting pitcher goes at least six and isn’t charged with a run, and the team wins, he gets the win?)

It was once-typical Maddux while he was out there, 84 pitches, 52 strikes, three strikeouts, no walks. Of course, it was against the Mets and their AAA offense, but it’s good to see. Smoltz pitched a perfect ninth for the save, getting a couple of strikeouts in the bargain.

Jae Seo is a darned good pitcher and almost matched Maddux, allowing only three hits and no walks in seven innings, but one of the hits was an Andruw Jones homer. The Braves almost botched the eighth when Darren Bragg popped up a bunt and then didn’t run it out, allowing the Mets to turn a double play. Leaving aside the question of why you’d use a position player to pinch-bunt, Bragg is supposedly a “hustling” player. And he doesn’t run plays out? He’s also hitting .136/.208/.136. Cut him.

The Expos beat the Phillies two of three and remain two out, Philadelphia now seven out. Will Larry Bowa’s job be in jeopardy soon? The Braves now host the Reds for three starting tomorrow with a day game.