My favorite non-Braves

Because I am bored with spring training. Active players who aren’t on the Braves and haven’t been with the organization in the past. Some of them may be on the downside. I’ll do a team, feel free to join in.

C Jorge Posada
1B Jeff Bagwell
2B Ray Durham
3B Mike Lowell
SS Miguel Tejada
OF Bobby Abreu
OF Brian Giles
OF Lance Berkman

SP Johan Santana
SP Al Leiter

CL Keith Foulke

20 thoughts on “My favorite non-Braves”

  1. C Pudge Rodriguez
    1B Albert Pujols
    2B Adam Kennedy
    SS Khalil Greene
    3B Hank Blalock
    OF Ichiro!
    OF Gary Sheffield
    OF Vlad Guerrero

    SP Ben Sheets
    SP Jake Peavy

    CL Francisco Rodriguez

  2. I guess Sheff doesn’t count because he was on the Braves. Replace him with Carlos Beltran.

  3. I just noticed that not only do I have two Astros, I have two players they stupidly lost — Santana in the Rule 5, and Abreu (my favorite non-Brave of all) in the expansion draft. Stupid Astros.

    Actually, there’s a lot of that on my list. The D-Rays then dumped Abreu for Kevin Stocker, foreshadowing their entire existence. Everyone knows Bagwell for Andersen, and Giles for Rincon was almost as stupid. The Yankees gave up on Leiter 148 wins ago, and traded Lowell for Ed Yarnall and two even less distinguished players.

  4. C Eh.
    1B Todd Helton
    2B Biggio
    3B Melvin Mora
    SS Carlos Guillen
    OF Barry
    OF Adam Dunn
    OF Johnny Damon

    SP Oliver Perez
    SP Mark Prior

    Should-be CL Mike Gonzalez

  5. C Pudge
    1B Todd Helton
    2B Biggio
    3B A. Ramerez
    SS K. Greene
    OF T. Hunter
    OF Adam Dunn
    OF Alou

    SP Schilling
    SP Mark Prior

    CL Hoffman

  6. C Victor Martinez
    1B Albert Pujols (my favorite non-Brave — I think I have a nonsexual crush on him)
    2B Craig Biggio, although Iguchi, the White Sox’ new Japanese import, is on the verge of stealing my heart
    3B Melvin Mora or Eric Chavez
    SS Miguel Tejada
    LF Brian Giles
    CF Mike Cameron before he became a damn Met, maybe Aaron Rowand now
    RF Ichiro!
    DH Travis Hafner

    LHP Johan Santana
    RHP Jake Peavy or Javy Vazquez

    CL Keith Foulke

  7. Fav. all time Braves

    C Olson
    1B Crime Dog
    2B Lemmer
    SS Jeff Bluaser
    3B Chipper/T.P.
    OF Murphy
    OF Gant
    OF Andrew

    SP Glavine
    SP Maddux

    RP McMichael
    RP Pena

    CL Smotz

  8. As for favorite Braves, Johnny Estrada just moved up the list.

    “My no-drug stance is a passion of mine,” Estrada said. “I grew up in the streets and saw drugs and gang violence. The real problem is not steroids. The real problem is crack cocaine and heroine and marijuana. That’s what kids are doing every day. Nobody wants to talk about that. That’s the real problem.”

    (from the AJC

  9. The players you’ve picked, Mac, have a common bond. They’re cold-blooded killers, the kind I love to see play, except against the Braves, of course. When they do play the Braves, I hold my breath each time they come to bat.
    Also, thanks for not picking a DH. Who needs it!

  10. My favorite Braves All time since following in ’58

    C Joe Torre
    1B Darrell Evans
    2b Marcus Giles
    3b Eddie Mathews
    SS Rafael Rameriz (weakest spot)
    Lf Chipper Jones (had to make room for Eddie)
    Cf Dale Murphy
    Rf Hank Aaron
    P John Smoltz
    Mgr Bobby Cox

  11. Favorite non-Braves lineup:

    1 Tim Raines, LF
    2 Willie Randolph, 2B
    3 Rod Carew, 1B
    4 George Brett, 3B
    5 Dwight Evans, RF
    6 Carlton Fisk, C
    7 Lyman Bostock / Gorman Thomas CF
    8 Dickie Thon, SS
    SP Fernando Valenzuela, Mike Boddicker, Bruce Hurst, Roger Clemens, Mark Fidrych
    RP Dan Quisenberry

    Honorable mention: Terry Kennedy – when I was 15 living in San Diego I was kinda sorta dating this girl who had a crush on the Padres catcher. She loved going to games to watch him play. I got to watch the games and spend time with a very cute girl who even was a year older than me and had her drivers license. Wow, that was a lot of years ago.

    Least favorites:

    1 Pete Rose, 3B
    2 Jeff Kent, 2B
    3 Gary Sheffield, LF
    4 Gary Carter, C
    5 Jim Edmonds, CF
    6 Steve Garvey, 1B
    7 Dave Parker, RF
    8 Gary Templeton, SS
    SP Curt Shilling, Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan, Juaquin Andujar, Jim Palmer
    RP Armando Benitez

  12. Oh, what the hey

    C Paul LoDuca
    1B Todd Helton
    2B Jose Vidro
    SS Khalil Greene
    3B Eric Chavez
    OF Torii Hunter
    OF Lance Berkman
    OF Ichiro Suzuki (who doesn’t like this guy)

    SP Jose Lima
    SP Roy Oswalt
    RP Rod Beck

    Fun topic Mac

  13. Most and least, in that order…

    C Jason Kendall, AJ Pierzinski
    1B Todd Helton, I guess Mike Sweeney
    2B Mark Loretta, Jeff Kent
    SS Michael Young, Royce Clayton/Neifi Perez
    3B Eric Chavez, David Bell
    OF Garret Anderson, Barry Bonds
    OF Luis Gonzalez, Moises Alou
    OF Brian Giles, Carlos Beltran/Larry Walker

    SP Jake Peavy, Roger Clemens
    SP Barry Zito, Randy Johnson

    CL Trevor Hoffman, Eric Gagne

  14. Brave faves:

    C – Javy (no real competition)
    1B – Willie Montanez (the original hot dog)
    2B – Giles (Hubbard a close second, but fading)
    SS – Blauser (Go, Bud Man!)
    3B – Chipper (Best position player in ATL history)
    OF – Murph (hip to be square)
    OF – Gant (he’d be a HOFer if the field extended 100 feet into LF foul ground)
    OF – Andruw (I’ve said enough about Andruw)

    IF – Darrell Evans (my first fave Brave)
    OF – Claudell Washington (not a great player, just flat-out cool)
    PH – Julio!

    P – Knucksie (all-time fave Brave)
    P – Mad Dog (best player we’ve ever had)
    P – Smoltz (I’ve got tickets for April 10!)

    RP – Rick Camp (for The Game)
    RP – Marvin Freeman (I’m a proud and defiant member of Marvin’s Free Men — all those boos during his brief tenure as closer still haunt my dreams)

    Least fave Braves:

    C – Jody Davis (reputation preceded him, new rep trailed him)
    1B – Ken Caminiti (Esasky second, but I can’t get angry at him for vertigo — Caminiti made me angry)
    2B – I’ll put Oberkfell here
    SS – Andres Thomas (worst player ever, Marty Perez close second)
    3B – Jim Presley (all-time least fave Brave)
    OF – Brett Butler (for off-field sactimoniousness)
    OF – Kenny Lofton (sourpuss)
    OF – Ken Henderson (irrational childhood hatred)

    P – Len Barker
    P – Zane Smith
    P – Marty Clary

    RP – John Rocker
    RP – all Ghastly Boys, Charles Kerfeld, captain

  15. Least Fav. Braves

    C- Berryhill
    1B-Cammy (when he was with the ‘Stros I loved him)
    2B- Lockhert
    SS-Ozzie Guillen
    OF-Roberto Kelly
    OF-Steve Lyons (yes he had a short stint with the club)
    OF-Kenny Loften

    SP-Andy Ashby
    SP-Zane Smith

    RP-Gryboski (I know I can hit this guy)

  16. Berryhill?!?!? I’d never put a man on my least favorite list who was part of the Game 7 rally in 1992 against Pittsburgh. I think he drew a key walk in the inning, but its been awhile since I saw the game on ESPN classic. If anyone remembers Berryhill’s contribution to the inning (or maybe he struck out), please post it. Thanks.

  17. I’m surprised to see no one put Justice on their lists. I know he had his problems with Atlanta fans, but his homer was the only thing we had in Game 6 1995. Justice will make my list when I decide to make one. I’m also surprised to see no one put Lonnie Smith on their least favorite list. I don’t blame him for WS Game 7 1991, but I figure somebody does. I applaud everyone for leaving him off.

  18. Here are a few of my Least Fav. Braves I don’t think no one has mentioned yet.

    1B Randall Simon
    OF Reggie Sanders
    P Albie Lopez

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