Bernero making his case on the mound

Adam Bernero’s career ERA is 5.82. It actually went down in Coors Field. His career record is 6-23. This spring, he’s thrown seven innings out of the bullpen, has struck out ten, allowed just three hits and two walks, and hasn’t allowed a run. If Leo actually makes a useful pitcher out of Bernero, they ought to forget about the Hall of Fame and start the paperwork on sainthood.

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  1. Speaking of relief pitchers, did you guys see the Jays release Billy Koch? What are the odds that Leo could fix him? I’d at least like to see him try. (Assuming we can sign him to a deal near the league min.)

  2. This is a great story, but given my druthers I’d have Buddy Hernandez in the pen over Bernero. He’s certainly earned the right to be there, and his track record (adjusted by MLEs) is better.

    I figure we have a total of 12 spots for bench and bullpen players. Julio, Eddie Perez, Kolb, and Reitsma have locked up for of them. Gryboski is very likely to get another. Langerhans is almost certainly the 4th OF. Green will likely get a bench spot. Because Martin’s contract is guaranteed, he’ll probably make the team due to inertia. I suspect Roman Colon will make it as well. That leaves us with one or two more bench spots and two or three bullpen spots. IMHO the ideal allocation would be Betemit and McCarthy, Buddy Hernandez, and I suppose Bernero. I’ve heard rumblings about promoting Lerew all the way up to the big club for a bullpen job, which seems premature, but he has been pitching well this spring. I suspect we’ll go with 12 pitchers to start with, which would mean McCarthy is probably the odd man out. Normally, I’d say 12 pitchers is a waste; but this bullpen is a pretty mixed bag, and with Smoltz and HoRam’s injury concerns, we’ll probably need a lot of relief innings. Maybe Lerew could fulfill a swingman type role as the last guy out of the ‘pen.

  3. Bernero and Hernandez aren’t on the 40-man, so if they don’t make the roster now they’ll have to continue to be lights-out in AAA to make it to the big club. They’re already familiar with Colon, and he’ll probably be the first man up if he doesn’t make it. There’s always roster shuffling in the pen.

  4. These are the kind of improvements that keep Atlanta near the top of the baseball world. Mac, Sainthood is not a bad idea for Leo. He keeps on making careers for pitchers who have lost them. The Braves get such a tremendous value for their payroll expenditures. Granted we still possess a couple of huge contracts (Andruw and Hampton), but so much of our success depends on the production we get in key positions. Last year Jaret Wright and John Thomson were a HUGE part in putting Atlanta back in the playoffs and neiter of these guy’s were expected to do anything. If Leo can make a couple things happen in the bullpen, this Atlanta staff is going to be even better than everyone raving on ESPN is allowing them.

  5. I guess it would be more fair to claim that Atlanta’s success depends on both signings and fantastic player development..

  6. Mac, under what scenario do you see Colon starting the year in AAA? We’re missing so many people from last year that I just don’t see that happening, so I’d like to know your take.

  7. Considering that healthy, Kolb, Reitsma, and Gryboski are givens (Gryboski is obviously hurt, but he’s been obviously hurt for two years now) and we’re stuck with Martin, that leaves three spots. (Should be two.) You figure that a lefty will take one, and the Braves are really talking up both Bernero and Hernandez, making it seem like they’ll have to lose the jobs now.

  8. Probably Gabe White, since nobody else has stepped up. I’d dump either Martin or White. Better yet, dump them both, go with your best six relievers, and forget the stupid percentage games.

  9. One thing that Adam has commented on repeatedly is how insanely different the Braves organization is compared to Detroit and Colorado. Makes you wonder how many players toiling for clubs like those (and others.. Expos? Royals?) could actually be decent major leaguers if they hooked on with the right organization.

    Thanks for the story.

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