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“An Analysis of Traded Braves Prospects, 1990-2004”.

I never feel comfortably boiling these things down. If someone else wants to put a summary in the comments, feel free.

UPDATE: Scanning it, one major problem is that he left off Jason Marquis, which certainly distorts the results.

ANOTHER UPDATE: He says that Marquis pitched too much with the Braves to make the cutoff. I guess so; I didn’t realize he’d pitched much more than Schmidt. Certainly he seemed more “prospect” than “proven player”.

21 thoughts on “Haven’t read it yet”

  1. OT: Why do all Southern schools start so freaking early? I can’t believe kids are going back already! It’s what, the second week of August? Totally absurd.

  2. I read that Brian Jordan really wants to come back and he wants to make some kind of rehab start…. Bobby, let that knee get worse and worse. Don’t let him play.

  3. Ugh, that guy is a total troll. I can’t believe sportswriters get paid to write articles like that. Where do I sign up?

  4. Florida just lost to the Rocks. Is this good, as it helps the Braves take the division, or is this bad, as it hurts them in the wild card race with Houston?

    I’m so confused. I don’t know whether to root for the NL East teams or against them.

  5. By all means root against Florida. Too early to worry about who we might be playing in October. The Marlins have not been far behind us in the loss column, pending this excruciating doubleheader with the Rockies. You couldn’t root for much more than what happened–extra-inning loss with a second game to play, followed by a Denver-Ft. Lauderdale flight for a game tomorrow.

  6. I mean, that was a bad loss to the Cardinals yesterday. But you would really, really not want to be on that Marlins plane tonight….

  7. Not to argue semantics, but why are the Marlins flying into Ft. Lauderdale? Wouldn’t they fly into Miami, where they play, instead of a city 60 miles away? That’d be like the Braves flying into Marietta.

    How about everybody saying we can’t beat Houston’s Three when we have three that are almost as good with a better defense and offense? What good is Lidge and their bullpen if they’re not winning?

  8. The stadium is on the Broward/Dade border, about halfway between the center of Miami and the center of Lauderdale. I don’t know about the airports, though.

  9. Miami & Ft. Lauderdale airports are nearly equidistant to the Stadium. My guess is that most of the players live in Broward, though. Either way, that’s a lousy ride home.

    I’m hoping this little Rocky Mountain episode takes some life out of that team. Something hasn’t been right with them for awhile. This DH loss might induce the “give-up” factor. Now they’re tied with the Mets.

  10. Rob, we are not saying we can’t beat the Astros, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s easier to beat the Padres than the Astros. You HAVE to understand how sick we are with the first round exit.

  11. Oh, absolutely, kc. It would be much more favorable for us to land the NL West winner, but what I don’t get is this media opinion that we can’t beat the Astros. I don’t see it.

  12. I don’t know where to post this… certianly not the 2b thread… but I’m looking over the Gary Gillette ESPN chat, and saw this:

    Mark (A. Bay): What do you think of the Farnsworth trade for the Tigers? How do you project Colon and Minor?

    SportsNation Gary Gillette: I thought it was a great trade for Detroit. They aren’t going to win anything this year, and I don’t have confidence in Farnsworth’s consistency or his maturity.

    SportsNation Gary Gillette: I think Colon is a blue-chip prospect and could be a #1 or #2 starter in the majors if he develops properly.

    OK, now I’m cool with the first part of his answer (it’s a reasonable concern), but the second?!?! I’m pretty high on Colon, but he’s 26 years old. How much more development could he possibly have? How many guys fail to make it to the majors before age 25 and magically develop into blue chip prospects capable of being dominant starters? Colon didn’t even warrant an honorable mention in Sickels’ Atlanta top 20 heading into the season… or any kind of mention in his mid-season review. Is this guy just a hack or what? I knew he was boring and condescending, but this strikes me as utterly ridiculous.

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