Astros 8, Braves 7

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The good news is that the Braves starters still haven’t given up a run. Smoltz started today, going three and not allowing a baserunner, but the bullpen candidates didn’t hold up their end this time. Kolb allowed four runs, including a three-run homer, in the fourth, and Macay McBride a two-run homer in the sixth, both to Jason “Why Won’t They Give Me The Left Field Job” Lane. McBride allowed four runs in all in just an inning of work, and is probably going to be cut soon. Tom Martin and Kevin Barry had shutout innings.

The Braves got homers from Andruw and from Roosevelt Brown, a much needed first hit from the latter. Jordan was 1-2 and is hitting .533 now. Langerhans was 0-2 but with an RBI, Billy McCarthy failed in a pinch-hitting role. Kelly Johnson backed up at third base again and was 1-1, and Wilson Betemit played shortstop and went 2-3 with two RBI. The Braves actually outhit the Astros 12-8, but the Astros concentrated theirs against Kolb and McBride.

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  1. I was at the game today, and the boxscore is a bit generous to the Braves. Jason Lane, playing center today (Biggio played 2nd for the Astros, harking back to the old days. Does anyone know if this is a plan to get him and Lane into the lineup permanently, or just a limited shot?), dropped one ball in the 3rd inning, leading to a run, and dropped another in the 5th, leading to a couple of runs. For whatever reason, they were not counted as errors.

    Smoltz was on for the Braves, while Oswalt was just barely missing his spots; he walked three straight in the 3rd, but was close with almost every pitch. The wind was blowing out today, probably 15mph to right field, but it didn’t seem to help the home run balls much. What it did help, though, were a few other Brave hits (besides those above). We had a couple fall in just along the line that normally would’ve been easily foul…the Astros weren’t so lucky.

    Pete Orr had a nice leaping knockdown of a liner when he played 2nd, while Kelly Johnson dug one out of the hole for an out while playing 3rd. He followed that up on the next play with the Braves’ one error, though.

    Langerhans drew one of Oswalt’s walks, but before the end of that sequence, he was flailing at pitches. Ditto Esix Snead against the back-end of Houston’s pitchers for the day. Brad Lidge for the Astros predictably blew down the Braves’ backups in the 7th or 8th inning.

    All in all, it was a nice game to watch, particularly for Smoltz, but there’s still work to be done…as is to be expected.

  2. I haven’t gotten to see him play, but Snead appears to be a joke player beyond DeWayne Wise’s wildest dreams. I’m terrified that his speed will get him on the roster.

  3. Creative nickname Mac, Lane really has been waiting to crack that outfield lineup.

  4. Thanks for the eyewitness report, Clark. The ‘Stros pitchers must be absolutely thrilled (sarcasm alert) with the center field situation. Can Tom Goodwin be far away?

    Thus begins my annual Appreciate Andruw For What He Is campaign….

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