I’d like to thank the umpires for completely screwing up this game. First they have the teams play in a rainstorm, then once the game was official, they stopped play. I know this is the only trip the Braves will make to Cincinnati, but come on.

Anyway, Jaret Wright was wild and ineffective, while Juan Cruz was excellent. Cruz has a better track record than Wright. Wright got the start, of course, and put the Braves down 5-0 without getting out of the second. I’ll give him a break on the rain delays, but it’s not helping.

The Braves had five hits and a walk; in five innings, that’s pretty good. LaRoche, who seems to be heating up, doubled in a run in the fourth, and Estrada, who leads the team in RBI, doubled in two to follow him… Not much else to say. If the Braves haven’t gotten enough rain, they get to enjoy the swamplike condititions in Florida now. The Marlins are back up to 2 1/2 up on the Braves by sweeping the Phillies.