Hudson deal done?

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The official site says that an extension of Tim Hudson’s contract will be announced at a press conference in Florida this afternoon. The AJC confirms, adding that the press conference should be at around 1 PM ET. It appears to be a four-year deal with an option for a fifth season.

11 thoughts on “Hudson deal done?”

  1. This is awsome. Sounds like the perfect deal for both sides. Now the only problem seems to be left field and how and when Francouer and Marte make it to the big club.

    JS has once again proven to be the best in the business. Now if we could only get new owners.

  2. That’s a lotta money. I liked this deal a lot more at 3 years, 11 per, and two option years, but if we’re going to pay a lot, it might as well be for a great pitcher.

  3. But the question is what does Hudson like? He obviously wasn’t going to sign for less. The fact is for the next three years, the Braves will be paying Hudson only about $3 mm more than the Yankess will be paying Jaret Wright. (considering that Hudson makes “only” $6.25 mm this year). I like this deal a lot.

  4. I wondered when the purse strings would loosen and it appears they have. And for what else? Pitching.

    I’m not as gaga on Hudson as many, but this is a good signing given the current market. We should have a solid staff.

    Now, the OF is an entirely different kettle of fish.

  5. An article in the AJC also talked about Andruw coming into Spring Training in the best shape in years. He also worked out over the winter for the first time ever. He built a batting cage in his home and had Pendleton, Hubbard and Gonzalez come over and throw bp to him and others. The article said he was tired of getting laughed at when he strikes out. Could be a great sign.

  6. I think the deal looks fine. I really like the fact that Hudson costs so little over the first three years — and that we didn’t have to renegotiate this year’s contract.

    So do Hudson’s big salary years coincide with when Andruw’s or Chipper’s contracts are up?

  7. The thing with Andruw reminds me a lot of Javy Lopez prior to the 2003 season. Hopefully Andruw can go out and have an offensive breakthroguh season the way Javy did. I think Andruw is capable of 40+ HR’s and less strikeouts.

  8. “bwarrend, that story is ctrl+shift+F5 on the beat writer’s keyboard.”

    I like that!

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