Who gets the callup?

If Adam LaRoche has a broken collarbone, who will replace him on the roster? They could wait for Marrero, I suppose. I don’t think Julio can stay productive playing everyday, even if he’s fully healthy.

I’d like to see them give James Jurries (hitting .306/.359/.565 in Richmond after hitting .306/.359/.653 in Greenville) get a shot, but I don’t know that the Braves take him seriously. Dave Nilsson wasn’t hitting and retired again. The other first baseman at Richmond is Hessman, and I think we’ve seen enough of him. Scott Thorman is the Greenville 1B, and he’s only played three games above A-ball.

9 thoughts on “Who gets the callup?”

  1. …sounds like you’re excited at the prospect of LaRoche having a broken collarbone.

  2. I’d wager money that Hessman will be the one to get the callup, if one is necessary. He’s been hitting reasonably well in Richmond since being sent back down, and he seems to have the loyalty of the organization, for whatever reason.

  3. Hessman. Yuck.

    I would love to see Atlanta sign Galarraga. It’d be great PR for the team.

    But I don’t know LaRoche’s contract situation. Can he stay in Richmond after he gets better, or will he have to pass through waivers if he’s sent down?

    Because Atlanta won’t take a chance on that happening.

  4. Big Cat hasn’t seen live action since the playoffs. I dunno…even thinking about him being a Brave does nothing to cause any sort of confidence.

  5. Julio could easily be productive every day. He’s one of the smartest hitters in the game, period. But health is another matter. It seems he’s been having a lot of little tweaks here and there this year. Age most likely. So it’s probably best not to try and use him everyday.

  6. Grst, the man’s nearing 50. Most players need regular rest when they’re 15 years younger than him. I think he can at least give them OBP from first base, but someone’s going to have to give him rest.

    LaRoche has plenty of options left.

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