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  1. Anyone I’m missing on this free agent OF list? I went ahead and took off Drew and Beltran.

    Pee-Hands Alou 38 Chicago Cubs
    Dave Berg 34 Toronto
    Marty Cordova 35 Baltimore
    Robert F*ck 30 San Diego
    Rusty Greer 35 Texas
    Ray Lankford 37 St. Louis
    Quinton McCracken 34 Arizona
    Jeromy Burnitz 35 Colorado
    Doug Glanville 34 Philadelphia
    Tom Goodwin 36 Chicago Cubs
    Danny Bautista 32 Arizona
    Darren Bragg 35 Cincinnati
    Juan Gonzalez 35 Kansas City
    Ben Grieve 28 Chicago Cubs
    Todd Freakin’ Hollandsworth 31 Chicago Cubs
    Brian Jordan 37 Texas
    Mystery-Surgery Ordonez 30 Chicago Sox
    Mark Sweeney 35 Colorado

  2. Considering the list of players drzachary listed, we can’t get too upset when JS goes and gets someone that sucks like Brian Jordan or Rusty Greer, or even Alou or Bautista.

    I really think everyone should this whole “Moises pees on his hands” garbage. Athletes do some outlandish things to keep themselves at peak. Maybe Langerhans should start peeing on his hands; Alou did hit 38 HR last year.

  3. Though I have a lot of bile for the Cubs and their fans, I don’t think Alou would be bad, given the choices. And I’m not saying that peeing on your hands is a bad thing, it’s just what Alou will be remembered for. That and the Bartman play that proved the existence of God.

  4. Let the Quentin McCracken era begin!

    Of this list, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Grieve or Hollandsworth. Man, I guess everyone decided to offer contracts this year.

    I know the Twins were mulling over signing Rusty Greer, but I think that was in the event they let Jacque Jones walk (Hey, Jacque never walks!) It would be interested to see if there is any tread left on Greer’s tires. He was a pretty solid guy way back when.

  5. But Rob, he pees on his hands! Seriously, I wonder if this affects his autograph income…

    In another thread I came out against an Alou signing, due to his very poor performance away from the Friendly Confines, his age, and the salary he’ll likely command. My honest belief is that Bautista can give us equal production for 1/10 the price, plus he can eventually be benched without having a snit — after all, he’s used to it…

  6. I Danny Bautista the best off that list. Living in Arizona, I’ve saw him look pretty damn good during the championship run. He’s kind of streaky, though, and lacks power. I like his athleticism, his new hitting approach, and, as sansho points how, he shouldn’t come with a high price tag. Plus, he could return to his .300 hitting form, who knows…

  7. I like Mohr. He’s on the right side of thirty, and played well in his limited role with SF. The fact that the Reds are making Kearns their 4th outfielder is mindboggling. Some quick points about the possibility of acquiring Kearns:

    *It will almost certainly cost pitching, and the rotation for 2006 and beyond has plenty of question marks right now.

    *Kearns has great potential and has shown flashes of this in his limited playing time. He hasn’t put up even St. Louis Drew-like numbers, but he has the most potential to do so out of the rest of the chaff on the market. Horacio Ramirez is in a similar boat, and doesn’t have the best peripheral numbers even when he’s been successful.

    *If all goes perfectly, and it almost never does, Marte might be outfield ready by midseason and Francouer in 2006. I don’t see Kearns as a roadblock for these guys. If Langerhans/McCarthy works, great. It wouldn’t hurt to have Marte spend the year in AAA, and it increases the market value of the other two. Additionally, if Kearns plays well for a full season, his market value increases. If Andy and Jeff are ready, we can then convert that value to fill other needs.

    Okay, maybe not so much quick points. My conclusion is that if it costs Horacio+filler and we’re able to resign Hudson before the season starts we should do it. If not, Mohr for a year and hope Marte and Francouer can step up soon.

  8. I agree with snellville. But, even after his injuries, Horacio has very high value right now, and if he doesn’t return healthy or pitches poorly this season, this does nothing for our 2006 rotation and we could have dealt him before this happened.

    Andy Marte is a third baseman, he hasn’t played a day of OF in his life, and he’s being branded as our future LF. If all goes well for Marte, he will give almost the same production as Chipper has been, but for a fraction of the price. Kearns and Marte at their prices for the next 3-4 seasons looks a lot better than Marte and Chipper.

  9. The Rockies entered serious negotiations with free agent outfielder Dustan Mohr less than 12 hours after the Giants non-tendered Mohr.
    — Denver Post

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