Big first inning enough for Braves |

Kevin Gryboski is on the DL with a viral infection. Frank Brooks was called up in his place. The Braves picked up Brooks on waivers just before they finally gave up on Tom Martin. Brooks is basically a LOOGY as I understand it, which makes me wonder why they didn’t call up someone who might give them a longer outing, but most of the Richmond relief staff has been pretty lousy this year. Brooks has been pretty good, 10 1/3 innings in nine games, a 1.74 ERA, but a Gryboskiesque 6 walks and four strikeouts.

Adam LaRoche might not be able to play today due to a strained hamstring. The weather’s supposed to be pretty lousy, which doesn’t help. This hurts, because against a righty sidearmer like Kim you want as many lefties in the lineup as possible. If Langerhans doesn’t start, that just leaves the three switch-hitters.

(Thanks to Eric for pointing the Gryboski/Brooks move out.)