No game tonight, due to the continual rain that finally left my homestate and arrived in Georgia. Twi-night double header scheduled for tomorrow, weather permitting.

3 thoughts on “Rainout”

  1. I visited Turner Field in December and got the little tour deal. The guide seemed to be especially proud about the fact that the first rainout at Turner field was just last year. My question is: how much of that is luck, and how much of that is due to the wonderful pipes beneath the field?

    I mean, I’ve never lived in Atlanta, but I’ve lived in Tennessee, and I know that sometimes, not even the best drainage system will help you here. So maybe they got lucky after having 6 years with no rainouts.

    So folks in Atlanta, when its raining there and you’re watching the game, do they really seem to be able to play in really hard rain, or does it just look bad on TV?

  2. Its not so much that they can play IN the rain so much as they can have it rain all damn day then play an hour later. They have plenty of rain DELAYS just very few rainOUTS in other words.

  3. Hmm. I don’t really know what made me use all those capitals. Sorry.

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