National Baseball Hall of Fame – Hall of Fame Election Results for 2005

Not that Wade Boggs got in, as he deserved. Ryne Sandberg also made it, though I’m not sure why he didn’t on his first try.

There had been some speculation that Dale Murphy would fall off the ballot, but he survived with 10.5 percent of the vote, slightly increasing his share. Otis Nixon suffered the indignity of receiving no votes. The only newcomer who will stay on the ballot will be Willie McGee, who received the bare minimum of five percent — actually, 5.03 percent, so even one fewer vote would have kicked him.

Next year’s ballot is spectacularly weak — the top candidates are probably Orel Hershiser and Will Clark — so Bruce Sutter (who is still being paid by the Braves), the top guy below the 75 percent threshold, will probably get in. I don’t know why he’s ahead of Goose Gossage, but whatever.