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  1. with 6 starters, surely someone is going on to another team.
    Sports Center suggested a Millwood for big 1b. deal. Have you heard anything related?

  2. Yeah, but what big first baseman would be available, even for Millwood? There are lots of crappy 1B out there: the Lees, etc., and lots of untouchables: Helton, Thome, Bagwell, etc., but not a lot in between, at least ones that are worth a Kevin Millwood.

    Am I missing someone? Wouldn’t it be better to try and package Marquis with a prospect for a Cust or something, although that could be pretty ugly itself, not to mention spectacularly un-Braveslike.

  3. I don’t know if Vina is the right answer, but i would say it’s obvious that one of our starters is “going somewhere” in exchange for a position player. If Maddux gets away, that would free up enough money to be able to just acquire rather than trade

    The conventional wisdom is that we’ve got holes at first, second, third, and potentially left, if we can somehow get vinny out of there and move Chipper back to the infield.

    Personally, i’d like to see Giles and/or DeRosa get another shot at one of those infield positions, but you know what standing those players have in the front office.

    I’m guessing the Braves will wait to make a move after Maddux makes up his mind on the arbitration front, but this has the potential to be a productive offseason yet. I just hope it’s Ortiz and/or Marquis that take off instead of Millwood. I’d almost rather them lose Maddux than Millwood at this point.

  4. To be honest, I’d think Ortiz would bring more than just Vina. I like Vina more than most — he’s possibly the best defensive 2B in the league and he’s not a total zero with the bat. But he’s 33 and in decline, while Ortiz’s best years should be ahead of him.

    Ortiz as the key player for JD Drew, I could see.

  5. I’d rather see the braves withraw arbitration and sign Millwood to a long term deal. It’s all about “wanting it”, we have slowly put together a group of individuals that have that fire burning on the inside for a championship. Now, with that being said, put Chipper back at third( He’s already expressed his opinion on 3rd base) and sign/trade for a LF or 1B stick. Preferably someone that can hit for average and power. We still need a left handed bat in the line-up to balance things out. So all in all keep M. Franco at First and Derosa at Second( Very consistent when given an everyday opportunity) and go get GRIFFEY. Make him re-negotiate, and he will , for he has something to prove still!!!!!

  6. I’m all for that; good call, Collier. Could Franco/Franco work again for an entire season? Who knows. Maybe we’ll just keep all the pitchers and move Hampton to first.

  7. A lot of people on the Milwaukee boards are talking Sexson to Atlanta. It would likely have to be for prospects, as Milwaukee won’t want to take Millwood’s salary and contract status. I could Marquis and somebody else – maybe Giles or Betemit?

  8. The only thing I have to say is without a legitimate 1B or 2b we are in trouble, because you can’t keep making excuses. It’s time out for Lockhart. We need some fire and ATTITUDE in the clubhouse. What about Giles and Marquis to Toronto for Delgado?

  9. >Personally, i’d like to see Giles…

    So would I – Brian Giles.

    >I’d almost rather them lose Maddux than Millwood at this point.

    Drop the almost and I agree.

  10. Ortiz as the key player for JD Drew, I could see.

    Which would force Chipper to third and Castilla out of the lineup… Beautious.

    We need some fire and ATTITUDE in the clubhouse.

    That, or actual good players.

    What about Giles and Marquis to Toronto for Delgado?

    Gord Ash no longer runs the Blue Jays.

  11. Nick Johnson, friends. He’s the answer to all our problems. He kicks my behind. By the way, I can be obtained for next to nothing because the Rockies are blithering idiots. So you could also pick me up and use the starter to grab another guy… say a decent 3b or C???

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