Let’s put this sucker away

The Braves lead the Marlins by 7 1/2 with fifteen games to go. (For the Braves; the Marlins have to play eighteen because of previous hurricanes.) Winning even one game in the series would make it very hard on the Marlins. Winning two would give the Braves a likely insurmountable lead. A sweep would pretty much finish it, giving the Braves a 10 1/2 game lead with twelve/fifteen to go.

Neither team is playing particularly well right now. Both are .500 over their last ten, and the Braves come off losing three of five to a reeling Mets team. The Braves would seem to have the advantage right now, with their best pitcher of late, Paul Byrd going (albeit on three day’s rest) against a rookie from A-ball who is likely a couple of years away from being a real major leaguer, if he ever gets there. But the Braves have notoriously had problems with guys like this.

4 thoughts on “Let’s put this sucker away”

  1. Bottom two:

    How was that an error on Chipper? He wouldn’t have gotten Lowell.

    However, Andruw’s subsequent whiff was an error.

  2. Top four:


    Having seen many many games at Joe Robbie Stadium, I thought that swing was a can of corn. Shows what *I* know.

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