Atlanta Braves Team

There are actually 41 players, because Horacio’s on the 60-day DL right now. Questions:

1. Who gets the axe when Horacio’s ready to come back, assuming he is? Travis Smith?

2. I’m sure that the Braves wouldn’t go with 12 pitchers if they make the postseason — which certainly looks likely. The position players currently on the 40-man but not the 25 are a pretty motley lot:

Kelly Johnson
Mike Hessman
Tony Pena Jr.
Scott Thorman
Onil Joseph
Ryan Langerhans
DeWayne Wise

Of that group, Langerhans is the only one who doesn’t make me want to throw up. But the Braves’ best minor league hitter is Marte. Think that the Braves will promote him instead? Other possibilities would be Damon Hollins or James Jurries, but I think Langerhans makes more sense than either of them, and probably more than Marte. Personally, I’d prefer it if they went with ten pitchers, or even nine.