Braves Journal: Cardinals 3, Braves 2

I’m a great admirer of Bobby’s, as you all know, but I knew that last night’s outmaneuvering by LaRussa reminded me of something. Here it is. I wrote this up nearly seven years ago (!) on the first incarnation of this site; I’m still getting those archives converted into Movable Type. I rarely wrote at this length at that time, but I thought that the events of the ninth inning on July 31, 1998 were worth the effort.

Things worth noticing:

1. Bobby was platooning at two positions in the outfield at the time, even though Ryan Klesko and Michael Tucker were far better players than Mondesi and Jordan are now.

2. The bench was pretty darned strong, and had six players because the Braves weren’t carrying seven relievers.

3. I actually mentioned the possible use of Keith Lockhart (with Klesko and Tucker also possibilities) as seemingly a good thing.

4. It was all Andruw’s fault.