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The Marlins are leading the Mets 5-2 in the eighth. If that holds up, the division will have the Phillies leading the Braves by one, the Marlins by 1 1/2, and the Mets by 2. I have a lot of respect for the Marlins, who are incredibly resilient. I wrote them off three times last season, and look what happened.

For what it’s worth, the Braves are now 2 1/2 behind the Giants in the wildcard hunt (depending upon the outcome of the Giants’ and Dodgers’ games) but obviously it’s incredibly early to be talking about it. Anyway, the Cardinals have broken away from the pack to take an eight-game lead on the Cubs and Reds. Everyone else in the league continues to be packed. Twelve teams are playing better than .500, and (as I write) the last eleven of them are separated by only four games.

I’ll probably update this post when all the scores are in.