Smoltz out to start the eighth

Bobby’s taking this one seriously.

UPDATE: The Putz isn’t. I quote:

Roberto Hernandez relieved Ryan Madson.

7 thoughts on “Smoltz out to start the eighth”

  1. Yeah, I guess we should have traded Andruw because great offense and defense is needed.

  2. My sarcasm above was undone by my typing…

    What a great game for your first place Atlanta Braves. Bobby again was wise to pitch Smoltz for 2 innings (plus an extra third).

  3. Phils are making things interesting in the ninth. I don’t believe that is the first time Perez has done something like that (3rd strike passed ball) with 2 outs in the ninth. If I remember correctly, he threw the ball wild to first on a 3rd strike and cost the Braves a game in his first stint with the club. At least this time they overcame it and moved into first place by themselves!

  4. maybe it’s just me, but i really love what the team is doing this year. john & bobby have shipped off the right people when they had the choice – cunnane, almanza, garcia, wise, hessman. the estrada-millwood trade is just making us all look stupid. chuck thomas is the living definition of lightning-in-a-bottle.

    putting chipper back at 3b was the right call, and they even made it look as if it just “naturally evolved” so as to avoid alienating DeRosa – he may grouse but understands that Chipper’s more important to the team than he is. Heck, he’s even acting nice in the dugout with Green, who’s busily taking his job.

    was it just a month ago that we were wondering if it was time to start trading guys so we could rebuild?

  5. Chipper is hitting .389 with a Slugging percentage of .833 since the All-Star Break. Sure, it’s only 18 AB, but 5 of his 7 hits are for extra bases and his OBP is .500. LaRoche is hitting .306 since coming back from the DL. And I just saved money on my auto insurance.

    If Philly doesn’t do well over the next few weeks, Bowa has to be fired. He should be fire already. He’s got a great pitching coach and a staff with a lot of potential but a collective terrible ERA.

  6. So who takes over those close and late two-inning situations when we trade Smoltz to dump his salary?

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