My God, Bobby

You have nine pitchers in the bullpen today. All of them are going to get the next three days off. There’s no reason to sit on your hands and let Ortiz lose this game. He gave you what he had, but there’s no way he should have stayed in the game after giving up the homer and getting up around 100 pitches.

MEAN UPDATE: Well Base12 got out of it. Anyway, this is a big game with a near-playoff atmosphere, and it turns out that Bobby is managing this exactly like a playoff game.

2 thoughts on “My God, Bobby”

  1. This game has been excruciatingly slow to watch. Too many walks and deep counts.

    Braves had better damn well win this. They’re trying to defend a one run lead for the second time in three games, and it would be a painful way to go into the break if they were to lose a second game where they led in the 8th.

  2. Seem to be a lot of slow games today, but this takes the cake. I was waiting for the game to end to go out and get something to eat. I look up at the end and it’s past 4 o’clock (Central).

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