This is a lot more fun. The Braves batted around in the first and had an 8-0 lead after two, and cruised from there. Andruw had the big blow in the six-run first, a three-run homer. Furcal scored three times, and Chipper drove in four. Team effort all around.

Paul Byrd mostly concentrated on throwing strikes from there. He allowed ten hits and three runs in seven innings, but didn’t walk anyone and struck out five. I should point out that Byrd is really fun to watch pitch. He’s a throwback, the only guy in the majors with a full old-fashioned windup. Juan Cruz pitched two innings and allowed a homer, striking out two.

The Phillies held off the Mets and the Marlins lost, and suddenly the Braves are a half game behind the two second-place teams. Ortiz pitches tonight as the Braves try to get back over .500.