– MLB – Recap – Phillies at Braves

I’m disgusted. I’m disgusted with Horacio Ramirez, who keeps throwing the same pitch to the same spot to every batter; is it any surprise when they start hitting it? I suppose it’s not entirely his fault. How many singles to the opposite field do you have to give up before you change your approach? Apparently, eight in 3 2/3 aren’t enough. After Gryboski’s triumphant return to allowing inherited runners while lowering his own ERA, Ramirez had given up seven runs.

I’m disgusted with Adam LaRoche, who hasn’t figured out that you don’t try to cut down a runner at the plate with one out and a tie game in the fourth.

I’m disgusted with Bobby, who after getting one scoreless inning out of Bernero, but one in which he gave up two hits, left him in for the ninth only to see him walk the bases loaded and allow a two-run single to put the game away. I’m disgusted with Matt Childers for allowing a three-run homer after that just to make the game look even worse.

I’m disgusted with the Braves’ outfield, collectively. With Andruw still slumping (he did have a hit today but also hit into a double play) they’re pretty hapless as a group. They went 2-12 collectively today. The rest of the starting lineup was 9-19. You do the math. Chipper had three hits, Marcus doubled twice and scored twice, Brayan Pena was 2-4.

Sosa had a couple of good relief innings to keep the Braves in it. Kolb needed only nine pitches to get through the seventh, though he did allow a single.

The Braves stand one out awaiting tonight’s Marlins-Mets game; with Willis pitching for Florida against Kaz Ishii I’m not optimistic. Tomorrow they’ll try to salvage something but will have to do it against Brett Myers, with Hudson going for the Braves.