A little too calmly

Andruw takes trade talk calmly | Braves | ajc.com

Pat diagnosis (though based on years of watching him): Andruw is passive-aggressive. Extremely so.

Adam LaRoche is just about ready for his rehab assignment. However, I’m not sure what the Braves will do when he’s ready to play. If nothing else, this has to end the Mike Hessman Era, right? But I don’t know if they’ll reinstate the full platoon. It seems unlikely.

Marcus is also getting close, and took some swings in the batting cage. The hope is still that he’ll be ready after the All-Star Break.

5 thoughts on “A little too calmly”

  1. I think the problem with trading Andruw is we’ve just witnessed 2 months of the sucky Andruw and if the past is any guide we’re pretty close to 2 months of the say hey Andruw. I’d hate to see another team get that. If he’s still slumping in late July, then maybe, but I think it’s a mistake to think that the numbers Andruw’s put up so far this season are representative of his true ability. Yes, Magglio’s a better hitter, but he’s 4 years older and he’d likely be just a “rental”. Plus, I’d rather know we have a real center fielder on the roster than gamble on bad knee Drew staying healthy. I think most of this talk is just frustration seeking an outlet. Ortiz on the other hand is very expendable.

  2. It makes sense if:

    1. They re-sign Drew, and

    2. They could not have done this without dumping Andruw’s contract, and

    3. They actually get a prospect as well as Ordonez.

    Otherwise, I can’t endorse it.

  3. Ok, Mac I agree and disagree. If they can get an impact hitter like Ordonez. They don’t really need a prospect. And it will be all about dumping Andruw’s contract.

    I agree that signing Drew to a reasonable 2 to 3 year contract is imperitave.

  4. I agree they should try to resign Drew. The problem is Boras won’t let Drew sign until after he tests the market and when he does, the Braves probably won’t be able to match, especially if he stays healthy and plays like he is the rest of the way. Although I’m not a big Andruw fan, I’ve been persuaded by the rest of the commenters that getting an older Ordonez is not a good idea (especially in the middle of the year when he would have to learn the pitchers). If this was the NBA or NFL, they could “restructure” Andruw’s contract. Too bad.

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