Everybody in Chicago seems to think this is a done deal, or close to it. Anyway, it looks something like this:

Braves get Magglio Ordonez and Jon Rauch

White Sox get Andruw Jones and Russ Ortiz

It’s possible that the White Sox could throw in something more, possibly cash, in the deal; it’s also possible that the outfielders could be switched now and the pitchers later (when Horacio Ramirez is healthy). A lot of it’s a salary dump, but to my mind the deal would be a disaster if they couldn’t re-sign Drew in the offseason. JD would presumably move to center; my understanding is that that might actually be good for his ankle.

I’m not wild about the trade anyway, but the Braves seem to have bought into the idea that because Andruw’s a disappointment you can ignore all the positive things he brings to the team. Plus the suits are cheap, and Ordonez is a free agent after the season. If Time-Warner really thinks that putting a noncompetitive team on the field will help the bottom line, they’ve got another think coming.

I won’t be able to post a recap until late tonight, probably. Consider this a game thread as well.