The continuing rumor

Everybody in Chicago seems to think this is a done deal, or close to it. Anyway, it looks something like this:

Braves get Magglio Ordonez and Jon Rauch

White Sox get Andruw Jones and Russ Ortiz

It’s possible that the White Sox could throw in something more, possibly cash, in the deal; it’s also possible that the outfielders could be switched now and the pitchers later (when Horacio Ramirez is healthy). A lot of it’s a salary dump, but to my mind the deal would be a disaster if they couldn’t re-sign Drew in the offseason. JD would presumably move to center; my understanding is that that might actually be good for his ankle.

I’m not wild about the trade anyway, but the Braves seem to have bought into the idea that because Andruw’s a disappointment you can ignore all the positive things he brings to the team. Plus the suits are cheap, and Ordonez is a free agent after the season. If Time-Warner really thinks that putting a noncompetitive team on the field will help the bottom line, they’ve got another think coming.

I won’t be able to post a recap until late tonight, probably. Consider this a game thread as well.

24 thoughts on “The continuing rumor”

  1. I don’t like it. Magglio has been a great hitter, but he’s on the wrong side of 30, and doesn’t have nearly the defensive reputation (or even ability) that Andruw does. Their career OBP and SLG are not that different; Mags is much better at making contact (and thus hitting for average) than Andruw is, but doesn’t walk as much and has about equal isolated power. Plus, he wants $14 million for his age 31 and after seasons, whereas Andruw’s locked up for less.

    And can’t we get more than Rauch for Russ Ortiz?

  2. “And can’t we get more than Rauch for Russ Ortiz?” My thoughts exactly. Our farm system is littered with players like Rauch. Does anyone else think it’s a good idea to be trading for more pitchers rather than position players? Ugh. I doubt anyone thinks the Andruw for Magglio half is a good idea.

  3. I agree with ya awb. Last night when we thought it was Ortiz (and maybe Marrerro) for Magglio I was all for it, but throw in Andruw instead of Eli, and I get a pit in my stomach.
    Unless of course we can resign Drew and Magglio. But even then, it just feels wrong.

    Who else thinks that if Andruw’s traded away he really turns into the next Willie Mays?

    I can just feel it.

  4. What was Riley’s ERA coming into this game? This is becoming a really annoying trend.

  5. So comical. Why would we want a guy who is a career 300 hitter and had his best years the past 3 for someone a lot of people on this loop didn’t think much of? Ordonez had 135 RBIs just 2 years ago and hit .317 with 192 hits last year. He would be a great #3 hitter and would helpthis team. He had more walks than Andruw last year and a lot less strikeouts, plus 27 more hits. JS said he wouldn’t make any trade unless it made the club better (check the AJC). This would be a very good trade for the Braves. They dump salary and pick up a very good player.

    Oh, The Devils Rays would only be 1-1/2 games out in the NL east with the Brewers 1/2 gameout, the Pirates, 1 game out and the Padres tied for the lead. What has happened to the NL East?

  6. One more thought. Keep Garcia away from 2B. He has cost the Braves 4 runs in the 6th inning.

  7. Andruw has done really good things for us but right now heīs just screwing up everything, I think a change will do good on him, lets get magglio who is a guy who can help J.D. and johnny in the middle part of the lineup, and rauch is a good prospect with pretty good numbers In AAA who can provide some depth in the bullpen and also can start.

  8. Wow, that was a hell of a comeback. was blacked out for me here in the DC area, so I had to listen on the radio. Sounds like we got a bunch of lucky breaks after having a couple bad ones. I’ll take it.

  9. I’m getting the impression that Bobby has about given up on Andruw. His average stinks, he doesn’t walk as much as he should and let’s face it — he’s lost a step in center. Ortiz just isn’t an ace. They obviously see something in Rauch that Mazzone can work with. Who knows? I say do the deal and if Mags opts out after the season, sign another free agent.

  10. Just heard while watching the Padres-Mariners game: Freddie Garcia traded to the White Sox. Didn’t catch who else was involved in the trade, but it wasn’t Ordonez. So this probably means the Ortiz to the ChiSox thing is off.

  11. Just heard while watching the Padres-Mariners game: Freddie Garcia traded to the White Sox. Didn’t catch who else was involved in the trade, but it wasn’t Ordonez. So this probably means the Ortiz to the ChiSox thing is off.

  12. I searched all of Google and can’t find an article about Garcia being traded. Anyone have one?

  13. Well, thats no good. I was looking forward to the Braves dealing Ortiz, but I wasn’t crazy about them trading A Jones though. I was holding out hope for the Ortiz for Maggs and Rauch thing, but I guess I can continue to dream.

  14. Jeff B. beat me to it, I just saw it on They don’t have any details up as I write this, but yeah looks like Ortiz to the Chi-Sox isn’t going to happen.

  15. Was just on ESPN to compare Ordonez and Andruw’s statisics when I saw that they got Garcia. We still have Ortiz but do you think the Andruw for Magglio trade still happens? For the Chisox they get something for Ordonez because he’ll probably leave as a free agent. For the Braves they essentially dump Andruw’s remaining salary.

    You could say that Andruw has under performed because he has failed the Willie Mays test. Well hell everyone has failed the Willie test. But he still is a helluva player. I agree with Mac that more folks gripe about what he doesn’t do than they praise him for what he does well. Yeah yeah over priced in this market but a couple of years ago many on this disussion board would have been praising the Braves for locking up the next Ken Griffey so cheaply. At 27 statistically he has more good years left than Ordonez but pure and simple Ordonez has been the better hitter. If the Braves do make this trade it is a one year rental of Ordonez. From there perspective that means that they only have Chipper and Hampton’s onerous contracts to look at for the next couple of years assuming that Smoltz doesn’t vest. This would be a big gamble by the Braves hinging on whether or not they can sign Drew. This year Drew has been the Braves best player, he can play center and is only 28 so if they can sign him in the 9 to 10 million range they are still better off with him there than Andruw. But in the end its all about our favorite teams inevitable march to ‘mid market’ status. This whole post is probably moot since they won’t complete a trade.

  16. More on the Garcia trade:
    The Chicago White Sox acquired right-hander Freddy Garcia from the Seattle Mariners on Sunday, bolstering their starting rotation for the AL Central race.

    The White Sox gave up young catcher Miguel Olivo, top prospect Jeremy Reed and minor league infielder Michael Morse in the trade. Chicago also gets catcher Ben Davis and cash from the Mariners.

    Garcia, who can become a free agent after this season, will pitch for White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, one of his best friends.

  17. Johnny, I guess I just can’t stand watching Andruw do again today what he’s always done and that is fail to get runners home in obvious situations. Runner on 3rd, less than 2 outs, and Andruw whiffs. I guess I am tired of seeing that.

    Maybe I’m just paying attention when it’s happening to Andruw, but I would like to see that stats on it. If I’m wrong, I will gladly be contrite, but Andruw must have as many “dead” outs as anyone in the bigs.

    He’s still a good player, but he has regressed. I think it was Joe Simpson pointing out today how he has changed his batting stance and it has hurt his performance.

    Maybe it’s all the diving and hitting walls that has taken a toll on his body. Maybe it’s the obvious weight gain. But this guy simply isn’t developing into the player most thought he would.

    Trade for Ordonez? Who knows? But Andruw’s contract, and in fairness Hampton’s as well, are really binding up this franchise. Shedding it would certainly facilitate a rebuilding process that is going to have to take place sooner or later.

  18. 50poundhead, I feel your pain. Nothing is more frustrating than watching Andruw try to pull an outside fastball for a GIDP. Except when he actually hits one of those unhittable pitches and you know that is going to encourage him to swing at more.

    I still feel Ajones is a victim of unrealistic expecations. All that being said if I were the Braves I try to deal him. There is someone outthere with a scout telling them that if we can just get him to stop swinging at certain pitches he’ll be a superstar. If we can find them and get good value then lets trade Andruw. If good value means a 1/2 season rental to gain some future financial flexibiltiy then so be it.

  19. Looking at it more, the deal probably if anything increases the chance of Andruw for Magglio. Reed was supposed to be Ordonez’s replacement in right field next year, so there’s a good chance the Sox will still shop for an outfielder.

  20. It’s not a question of Andruw being Willie Mays. It’s a question of what he contributes to the team. At his salary, he needs to be a frontline player not a complimentary player. He basically can hit one pitch-fastball inside. Anything away, he has little chance. (Yes, I know he has hit a couple of home runs to right this, but the fact this is so remarkable says something.) He is a drag on the offense. I don’t know if trading him for Ordonez makes sense, but he’s taking up a lot of money for a .240 hitter. Yes, he will probably end up with a lot of homeruns–he gets enough mistakes inside in this day and age to run up his stats. But he will never be a tought out. His defense, while still good, is probably not as good as it was. No one says he has to be Willie Mays, but I would setter for Jim Edmunds at this point.

  21. Keep Andruw where he is, you know as well as I do he has so much untapped potiential its ridiculous. To trade him would only be doing the team he goes to a favor, lets keep him in ATLANTA

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