Atlanta 9 San Francisco 3 – MLB – Recap

Six in a row, as the Braves took the lead in the second and knocked Schmidt out in the fourth. Paul Byrd had a good day on the mound, going six innings and allowing only one run, and a great day at the plate, going 2-2 with two RBI, one run scored, and a sac bunt. Schmidt struck out eight Braves but allowed ten hits and six runs.

After a two-out rally in the second (Thomas tripled home Estrada and Byrd then singled him home in turn) the big inning was the fourth, when the Braves basically nicked-and-dimed Schmidt to death, scoring the four runs with only one extra-base hit. That was Thomas again, who doubled after Marrero walked to lead off. Byrd singled home Marrero, then Furcal did the same for Thomas. Marcus laid down a bunt but beat it out to load the bases. Schmidt got Drew and Chipper and seemed to get out of it, but Estrada came through with a two-run single that knocked Schmidt out and basically ended the game.

Thomas, as you can see, was all over the place today, going 2-2 with two HBP and a walk and scored four runs. Furcal was 4-5 with four RBI, Estrada 2-4 with a walk, two RBI, and a run, Marrero 2-3 with two walks, two runs scored. Andruw had what apparently was a routine day off.

I have to say that Byrd was kinda lucky. He only allowed four hits, but he also walked three (none of whom were Bonds, who went 1-3 before leaving late with the big deficit) and struck out only one. I really don’t think that that’s going to work. Alfonseca pitched a perfect seventh; Roman Colon allowed the first two runs of his major league career in the eighth, which allowed the Giants to cut it all the way to 9-3. Cruz then struck out two in a perfect ninth to end it.

Tomorrow’s game will be Sunday Night Baseball. ESPN is likely to top its work from the Cardinals series, when its entire opening was dedicated to St. Louis with no mention of their opponent. I am fairly certain that tomorrow night we will see an open entirely dedicated to Barry Bonds with no mention of either team. Their internet operation lists Wayne Franklin as the Giants’ starter tomorrow night, facing Russ Ortiz, but since Franklin relieved Schmidt today that’s highly unlikely.

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  1. Cruz’s location was awful today; the announcers seemed to think he was trying to overthrow everything. He threw a couple of great curveballs to get his two strikeouts, though. IMHO, walks are a bigger problem for relievers than for starters; I think he could succeed as a starter with us if he could keep his BB/9 around 3.5. We’ll probably never know, but we can dream right?

    Kyle Davies had another amazing night in Greenville: 6 innings, 1 hit allowed, 2 walks, and 10 strikeouts. He’s got over 10 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched as a 20 year old in AA, and 40 hits allowed in 60 innings there. What the hell are we going to do with him, Meyer, and Capellan? Oh well, good problem to have I guess :)

  2. Well, since the Braves’ top three starters right now are Wright, Ortiz, and Byrd, and all three are free agents, I’ve a feeling that those guys are going to have some sort of role soon.

  3. Byrd: getting into his upper 30s, not likely that he’ll continue to be as effective as he is now.

    Ortiz: about 30, good stuff, questionable control sometimes. A big boy who I expect to decline in his early 30s. I’d let him go.

    Wright: almost 30, great stuff, questionable control sometimes. He’s got the mentality and stuff of a solid pitcher, and the low salary of a guy whose only just made it big… if it sticks.

    My suggestion: Re-sign Wright, bring up Jose Capellan, and maybe even move Cruz over as the fifth starter. Or else re-sign Paul Byrd if he’s cheap. (But what’s cheap?)

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