– MLB – Recap

2000. And let me just say, that while we don’t know how the HOF’s new voting system will work on managers yet, if Bobby really needed 2000 wins to “lock up his place in Cooperstown”, as the AP story claims, the players are even dumber than their color commentary would suggest. Bobby was a Hall of Famer eight years ago; everything since is gravy.

For his part, Russ Ortiz may have locked up his spot in the starting rotation for postseason, though again that wasn’t much in doubt. Ortiz went seven, allowing two first inning runs and nothing after. I would say that he was lucky; he allowed six hits and three walks and only struck out two. But it was probably enough to hold off the wolves for a week. After all, he got a win, and Byrd lost his game, even though Byrd didn’t pitch any worse. Alfonseca gave up a run in the eighth, and Smoltz pitched a perfect ninth to close it down, getting a strikeout.

The Braves, trailing as I indicated 2-0 after the first half-inning, got one run back on an Estrada single in the first. LaRoche tied it with a homer in the fourth. In the sixth, they took control, scoring four, the big blow a two-run triple by Marcus that made it 6-2. Chipper didn’t start but pinch-hit and stayed in the game at third (for Betemit). The Mets walked him his second time up; they seem determined if nothing else to not give up RBIs to Chipper, because even if their season is long over they’re petty that way. The Braves had ten hits, with Marcus alone in getting two.

A day off, then three games in Chicago, where the Cubs are in the thick of the wildcard hunt. Wouldn’t it be great to ruin their season? Maddux, by the way, will probably pitch Sunday. If the wildcard is still in doubt, and probably even if it isn’t, that would be something to see. The Friday game is on TBS. ESPN lists both Saturday and Sunday as being on Turner South, but I’m pretty sure that Fox has picked up the Saturday game, and Sunday’s will probably be on one of the ESPN channels, and definitely on WGN.