Let’s play a game

Hey, the Braves have a 1-0 lead early after Furcal scored on a sac fly! What is that, three games in a row now? Anyway, for no prize whatsoever, predict what inning the Braves will give up the lead!

UPDATE: Jeez, Furcal is carrying this team this week. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to carry them very far.

5 thoughts on “Let’s play a game”

  1. More recently, Furcal hit a home run to increase the lead, but Hampton is in the process of giving it back. The problem with Furcal is that whenever he hits a home run, he starts thinking he’s a power hitter and swinging from his heels. For a guy with his speed, he doesn’t really use his speed that much and doesn’t really do a great job of getting on base. He was better his rookie year (when he really was a force) than he has been since.

    8:36-top of the third-game is tied 2-2. Great job Mike.

  2. Why is Mike Hessman still on this club? Looking at strike 3 as a pinch hitter has to be the ultimate sin.

  3. I’m gonna take a page from Dante and go with Betrayal of Master. But striking out as a pinch hitter has to be close. We need a new circle.

  4. There are very few silver linings these days, but the one I found is that the Marlins are 8-8 in June and the Phillies are 9-8 in June while the Braves are 6-10. So we’ve only lost 2 games in the standings to the 1st place team. What other division has that anomoly going on right now?

  5. Scary stat of the day: Milwaulkee would be in 2nd place if the were in the East Division, only 1-1/2 games behind the Marlins. That’ll make anyone wince.

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