Thanks to Andruw, we won’t be talking about the Braves’ poor hitting with runners in scoring position again. Oh, they did hit poorly with runners on (10 left on base), but Andruw made up for it with his one hit, a grand slam in the fourth that basically chased Kevin Millwood.

The Braves got two runs off of Millwood before he’d gotten more than one out, Drew and Estrada singling home runs in the first. But they left the bases loaded in each of the first two innings, and a further runner on in the third, allowing Millwood to stick around. Then Andruw hit his homer, and the Braves were comfortably on top. All the Braves’ regulars reached except Green, again. He might need a day off. Chipper was 2-2 with two walks and a HBP.

Jaret Wright was sharp for the first five innings — in fact, pitching as well as any Braves pitcher has this year, allowing one hit (by Millwood!) and two walks. He tired after that and his control started to desert him. The final line is still very good, 7 1/3, 6 H, 3 BB, 6 K, 1 ER that really shouldn’t have scored — Furcal and Chipper screwing up on a popup. The Phllies had one chance to get back in it, Thome hitting with two on, two out in the eighth when a homer would have cut it to 6-4, but he hit a sharp grounder off of Reitsma right to Green.

Lefties tonight, Hampton and Wolf. I think. Wolf’s had a touchy elbow.