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  1. Judging by the low attendance at Turnwer Field in spite of the good performance by the team on the field, it is not surprising that Atlanta is about to lose its big league baseball franchise.

  2. I’m just an ordinary 13 year old who chats online. I use IM all the time, but when somebody puts up an away message I like to see what it is by clicking on Buddy Info. All of my friends normally leave REALLY long away messages up and I can’t read it all when I click Buddy Info it just leaves “…” after where it can only show so much. I know on AIM (AOL Instant Messanger) you can read the whole thing when you click on Get Info. My parents are divorced and at my Dad’s place, I can only use AOL (American On-line) and not AIM so I can never see my friends WHOLE away message. And when I go to my Mom’s place I CAN see the whole away message because I use AIM. I think I would like AOL a lot better if I could see the whole away message. I dont want to have to send them a message just to see what the rest of their away message is.

    I’m not saying I hate AOL, I just happen to like it when I can see more. It would be nice that even though I am using AOL and talking to somebody who is using AIM, that I could see their Info. But you cant see their Info if you’re both useing different systems or networks. And its the same way when I am on AIM I would like to see the person’s Info who I am talking to that is using AOL.

    But for AOL I think that is asking way too much. I’m not saying that I don’t like AOL, but I don’t love it either. It could be so much better than what it really is. These changes would make me and all of my friends happy too. We sit and talk about it all day, about how much better AOL would be if we only got our little things that we would like to see. Little can make a BIG differance. But then again, if everybody wanted change in something on AOL or AIM it would be hard to give everybody what they wanted. But one or two little things that a lot of people want, could make a BIG differance in how many people use AOL or AIM. AOL could make a lot more money if they made it better. AOL has come a long way, but I would like to see it get pushed a little farther.

    Thanks for your time!

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