Really bad news

Marcus Giles fractured his collarbone in a collision (that was my instant suspicion when I saw it, but I didn’t want to say it) and is out 6 weeks to two months. This is just awful.

I guess that Jesse Garcia will play second base every day when Furcal finally gets back. But who knows when that will be.

16 thoughts on “Really bad news”

  1. I feel like I’m going to throw-up.
    Jesse Garcia everyday? Ick. You notice Derosa and LaRoche haven’t gotten hurt this year, but Chipper, Giles, Furcal, & Drew have all missed time. Our only productive hitter who hasn’t missed significant time is Estrada, who seems to be a foul-tip magnet lately.
    In order to keep sane, I’m going to pretend whoever plays second is Marcus until he comes back. Maybe that way I won’t have an aneurysm.

  2. But because its Marcus, I’ll have hope he can turn it around.
    Better than haveing no hope. (See Garcia, Jesse; & Benemit, Wilson)

    It is my own personal defense mechanism, but instead of blocking out a traumatic memory, I’m blocking out a traumatic player.

  3. The only thing that shocked me more than Giles’ injury was the fact that Dave Burba is still alive, and pitching in the major leagues no less.

    Anyone think Nick Green put the voodoo hex on Giles? Does he have an alibi for the night Garcia’s grandmother died? These are the questions that run through my mind as I stare down the barrel of the first Braves losing season since 1990. Gonna be a long summer, gentlemen. A long summer.

  4. Giles going down hurts alot. My fantasy teams are fuxxored. But seriously, whats all the whining about Garcia? Last time I checked he was solid defensively and hitting just under .300.

  5. Because even hitting .295 Garcia’s OBP is .313 and his SLG .385. Both of those numbers are terrible. And since he’s probably not going to hit .295 all year, his other numbers will then drop from terrible to abhorrent.

  6. I was surprised Marcus got up and walked off the field. That was as disturbing a collision as I’ve seen. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly and he fully recovers.

    Upon Furcal’s return, I’d bat Estrada in the two-spot. Any objections?

  7. I don’t know if they want a slow runner in the two-spot. It cuts down on things you can do with guys on base and could lead to double-plays. Plus, Estrada seems to hit better with guys on base. He won’t see as many RBI situations hitting in the two-spot.

  8. I think we REALLY need to deal for a second or third baseman now, preferably third. Move DeRo to second, where he will play good defense and his hitting will be a little more acceptable. When Giles gets back, the new guy can add much needed bench strength or replace DeRo if he keeps his early-season slump up. I doubt JS just watches this season evaporate without making a move, so I’d look for something soon. DeRo’s struggles alone weren’t enough to warrant an immediate trade, but I think Giles being out for at least a month and a half in addition should be enough.

  9. Estrada’s not too slow, in fact I believe he is actually faster than LaRoche, who is in there tonight. The other options are DeRosa and Garcia, neither of which have good or even acceptable OBP. The way Estrada’s hitting the ball I’d rather him bat higher in the order and get more at-bats than bury him at the bottom with the hope of RBIs.

  10. I blacked out there for a second. I had visions of the Braves somehow dealing for Jose Vidro and installing him at third, shifting Derosa to second and eventually the bench.
    It may be the longest of longshots, but at least that way I could get rid of the pit in my stomach.
    But it looks like the pit is here to stay, but hey Marcus{Nick Green}Giles is 2-4 with a walk so far tonight.
    Yep.. good ole Marcus{Nick Green}Giles.

  11. “Plus, Estrada seems to hit better with guys on base.”

    SEEMS is the correct choice of words. He has hit better with runners on lately, in an extremely small sample. It’s also not predictive – nobody has ever been able to demonstrate an ongoing “ability” to hit better with RISP. Meaning there is no logical reason to believe that from here on out, Estrada’s performance will be any different with or without runners on base.

  12. Does anyone else remember how Rey Ordonez always seemed to come up with a key two-run single against the Braves? Jesse Garcia is Rey Ordonez only a little better on both sides of the ball. And I’m not so sure that he can’t hit .295; he makes contact and runs well and doesn’t try to do too much. If his OPS stays close to .700–and I think it will–then Garcia batting eighth every day won’t kill the offense. DeRosa’s .581 OPS is the problem.

  13. Drew wouldn’t be bad hitting 2nd. Good OBP, good speed. At least we would have men on base for the rest of the lineup. I could see Estrada hitting into a lot of DPs in the second spot and erasing Furcal once he returns.

  14. I wish they’d move Chipper back to 3rd. He’s not great there defensively but he was adequate and a perennial All-Star. And it’s a lot easier to find a good left fielder than a 3rd baseman.

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