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If you’re Horacio Ramirez, at this stage, you had to be thinking “What do I have to do to get a win around here?” Apparently, eight innings of shutout baseball. Even that almost wasn’t enough, as the Braves didn’t score until Drew and Chipper hit back-to-back homers in the eighth. I don’t like to think about where the Braves would be without Drew.

As JC at Sabernomics has pointed out, Ramirez has been ironically both unlucky and lucky. Yes, he has a 2.25 ERA and just got his first win. On the other hand, his numbers don’t really reflect someone pitching that well — he’s been “hit-lucky”. But tonight, he was sharp, striking out five and walking three. Smoltz pitched the ninth for the save; Ramirez had thrown 119 pitches.

Wilson Betemit played shortstop and led off with Jesse Garcia on leave. DeRosa was back in the lineup at third, hitting eighth… Night game tomorrow, Ortiz versus Matt Kinney.

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  1. Someone else mentioned this on another thread, but I want to be really cool and mention it here: It was really confusing to watch this game. The uniforms were very hard to differentiate. I had to constantly remind myself that the Braves (Atlanta) were the away team. I’m no idiot, I’ve just never had to watch a game keeping in mind what team I was rooting for. Very new…

  2. That was surreal. I wish I had actually gotten to watch the game instead of just the highlights so I could have joined in the confusion. It would have been even more fun had the Atlanta Braves worn throwback Milwaukee Brewers jerseys which would have made just as much sense considering the only bond the teams have is the city they have both inhabited. There should at least be a rule against wearing the away team’s name on the home team’s jersey.

  3. The uniforms screwed me up too. Several times, I cheered for the wrong team.

    I also, thought we had called up some new relievers when the cameras showed Brewers warming up in the bullpen.

    Regardless, it was interesting and I think it’s fine to do one time.

    4-2 road trip is still alive!

  4. I can see why the Braves were seduced by Wilson Betemit’s athleticism. He just looks like a good baseball player. So graceful around the bag, great body control and a smooth batting stroke. Of course just as I was thinking those things he bobbles the sure double play ball. The fact that Marcus Giles is not all of the above but is 10 times the player reminds us all of the old book and cover cliche.
    Y’all weren’t the only ones confused by the uniforms last night. I had to concentrate a little after I did some channel surfing to figure out who was batting.
    Lucky or not, Horacio pitched his brains out last night. Its a good sign that the Braves won that one last night.

  5. I think the comment about the importance of Drew is an excellent one. The Braves took a lot of heat for dealing away their top pitching prospect for JD, but without him the Braves wouldn’t be in a position to eye the Fish and the Phils.

  6. Johnny, You also have to remember that the Braves signed Betemit when he was 15 (they were later fined for signing him too early). Who can tell someone’s going to be a great baseball player when they’re 15? Sometimes you get Vladimir Guerrero and sometimes you get … Wilson Betemit.

  7. Terrible, terrible news on Marcus who’s become the teams best player. Out 6-8 weeks. This is shaping up to be an ugly season.

  8. Ortiz throws 133 pitches.

    Next game he doesn’t make it out of the second inning.

    Do you think that’s a coincidence Bobby??

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