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  1. Wouldn’t that be great, not for Wright of couse, if he returned to Atlanta for a cheaper price. Atlanta can’t really afford the Yankee money given to Wright, but he’s still a good #2 or #3 on a great staff. That REALLY sucks for Wright, he started to put his career back on track after several injuries. Perhaps he should have signed with Atlanta short-term, totally recuperated, and given more time to a club that took a chance to rebuild his career. I feel bad for Jaret, though, regardless of whether he should have honored his time with the Braves a little better.though, regardless of whether he should have honored his time with the Braves a little better.

  2. Even with Wright and Pavano, which is an obvious upgrade from last year, does anyone still believe the Yankees can return to the dominant pitching that earned them four WS titles in the last 8 years? I still see two strong #2 pitchers at the top of their rotation, but no aces. Boston still has the aces, even if they are aged. That didn’t seem to keep them from winning it all last year.

  3. If the Wright rumor turns out to be true this could be good for Atlanta. If he accepts arbitration and it actually goes to the arbitary, we’ll get him for a good price (we only paid him 850l last season). If he accepts and then we work out a deal with him it will likewise probably be a good deal. With the Yankees out of the bidding war his costs would go down considerably. Will be interesting to see if this rumor is even true, and how this all plays out.

  4. I don’t know if we can just assume the it’s either the Braves or the Yankees. Failing a physical is bad, but different teams employ different physicians who often see things differently. Does anyone remember when Mike Mussina almost didn’t sign with New York because his first physical showed “fraying” — which was diagnosed the second time around as “normal wear and tear?” It happens. I think something similar happened to Greg Vaughan when he signed with the Reds.

    If the Yanks do decide not to do the contract, I doubt the Yanks physical will determine whether or not he still has interest from all those other teams that were looking for his services, which included (if I recall correctly) the M’s & White Sox. So nothing’s likely yet, I think, and I certainly don’t think this puts the Braves back in the driver’s seat.

  5. ESPN just announced, that the Braves have said Smoltz
    will be back in the rotation next season. Interesting move, what does this mean? I don’t know. at best smotlz could be a pedro type (100 Pitches/7 in) I just hope he doesn’t break down. Lets keep em crossed guys

  6. I hate the Kolb trade — see above. I don’t believe you can be an effective closer when you’re going two innings between strikeouts, unless you’re Kent Tekulve or Dan Quisenberry or someone like that. The stuff you read about Kolb is exactly the sort of stuff you would have read about Reitsma this time last year.

    Maybe someone else will give Wright a multiyear deal — but he could probably get $8 million in arbitration from the Braves. I doubt he could get more than $5 million a year coming off of a bad physical. The Yankees are re-examining him.

  7. I seriously doubt that Wright gets $8 million if he goes to arbitration, especially if his injury concerns are revived. Perhaps you meant to say that $5 million in arbitration, your language is a little confusing. I also have to make a point about the Kolb-Reitsma comparison. While they were both closers the years before the came to the Braves, I don’t think anyone in the organization thinks Reitsma has or had as much potential as Kolb. At no point in the acquisition of Reitsma did the Braves think they were getting a closer. The performances of both pitchers last year should also be considered. Reitsma struggled at various points during the season while playing for a good team. Kolb managed to pitch better with no prospect of making the postseason. Kolb will be a much better asset for the Braves organization than Reitsma. Kolb has also proved he can be a closer while focusing a little more on control. His sinker ball gives him Alfonseca like stuff, but with far better control.

  8. The way arbitration works, players are paid compared to what similar players are paid. Wright is basically similar (or was last year) to all these guys like Lieber who are getting $7-8 million a year in free agency. The Braves couldn’t reasonably offer less than $6 million, and would probably lose at that figure. My language was absolutely clear.

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