The eve of the season

The Braves start play against the Mets tomorrow at 7:35 PM Atlanta time. I figured I’d take the opportunity to fill in any newcomers about how the site operates during the season. Generally, I write a two or three paragraph recap of every game. This gets posted whenever I write it, which might be soon after the game or might be the morning after, basically depending upon when I need to get to sleep. The recap archive is here. I’ll also post Braves news, but the real focus is on the games.

There is a mailing list now for entries, which will include recaps. If you’d like to be on the list, just leave a message in the comments.

8 thoughts on “The eve of the season”

  1. Count me in for the mailing list, Mac. I’m at

    And, if I may add something: thanks! It was only during this most recent offseason that I found your blog, but it’s been daily reading (sometimes obsessively refreshing the page every few hours) ever since. I’m greatly looking forward to spending the upcoming season reading your commentary.

  2. Thanks, Zachary. Sorry there isn’t more to post about during the offseason. I try to post at least once even on off-days during the season.

  3. My sentiments mirror zachary’s, thanks for the great blog. I read it daily now since I found it a couple of months ago, and it’s still the offseason. Count me in for the updates.

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